Thursday, July 1, 2010

Luscious hideaways, grand for private parties

We had a request for a poolside party recently and besides hotels and clubhouses, we were told to source for a bungalow that could be rented for a night.

After much searching, we found two gems, both in the Klang Valley (one with a swimming pool and rooms to rent while the other had a huge garden but with no rooms to rent).

If you're planning a party, a media launch or a wedding, these are great places to consider. We'll share with you some photos to entice you further...

The bungalow with the garden provides the F&B and they specialize in BBQ. Pork-free.
The bungalow with the pool has rooms to rent

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  1. Where is this yeah? any contact I could call, I'm looking for a place to celebrate my 21st birthday... Be great if you could get back to me a.s.a.p. Thanks.

    Farah Ain

  2. Loongkei, the one with the pool is in Bangsar and it accomodates up to 30 pax comfortably.

    The one with the big garden is near Padang Timur, PJ but will be moving out on Jan 15th. Best for 50-80 pax.

    Do email us at if you need us to organize your event :)



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