Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloweeeen Murder Mystery Party

Our favourite party season is here! Halloween, when guests come dressed in all sorts of fancy costumes and taking on different personalities.

For those who like a little murder mystery solving, we have a Halloween Murder Mystery Game which might be to your liking. 20 guests (including the host) take on roles and attend a Costume Ball (your party venue) to discuss a recent "murder" which took place.

The Annual Costume Ball is the social event of the year. The Royalty of the Mage Guild, Were Clans, Vampyr Houses and Fae Court will be in attendance. As always when the Immortal Court gathers you can expect political intrigue, barbed innuendos, backstabbing and betrayal. Not much different than any other day among royalty.

We dare you hire to us for this party but hurry! We only do ONE party a night from October 25-31, 2010 and some nights are already booked! We're dying to entertain!

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