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Hollywood & Pirate Party Themes

Best Events specialises in making your party extraordinary. We can completely transform a room using theme props, lighting and state of the art technology. Using a specialised crew we can create a party theme to suit any idea, whether it be a Monopoly party theme, 1920's party theme or a Pirate themed event to name a few. You may of course have your own ideas and opt for something completely new.

At Best Events we like to make everything as easy and convenient as possible for you, so we can supply the complete party theme package. Alongside your theming, we can include a sound system that plays music relevant to the themed event, live acts, intelligent lighting, meet and greet staff in costume and everything you need to compliment the theme and of course photography and videography to capture special moments.

Party Themes Tailored For You

Whatever your budget, we can tailor a party theme to suit and always aim to be one better than the competition.

Our magazine will start featuring some of the party themes available to give you a headstart in choosing the right theme for your event be it for a corporate or private affair, or wedding.

This month we will write about the popular Hollywood theme & adventurous Pirate theme.


The minute your guests arrive at the glitzy Hollywood party they will feel like they have become stars for the night!

They will enter the party over a plush red carpet with chrome posts and red silk rails.

The entrance to the function suite will be adorned with authentic looking props relating to the early film industry including directors chairs, 3D MGM camera on a stand, 2D vintage cars and Hollywood star cut-outs. Topiary trees with twinkling lights will add to the feel of a night amongst the stars!

As soon as guests have entered the function suite, they will be inspired by the opulent ambience. Intelligent lighting will be programmed by computer to sweep Hollywood gobos around the room creating a spectacular effect.

Tables will be dressed with black table slips, elegant floral arrangement and candles. The black and white dance floor with stone effect pillars and overhead trellis will transform the dancing area into what feels like a set from a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers classic film.


Celebrate Ye Ol' Talk Like a Scurvy Pirate Day!

Guests step over the bamboo walkthrough party theme entrance observed by Blackbeards crew onto a moonlit beach. You can hear the sea lapping away in the background together with sword fighting.

All around are articles from Blackbeards ship carried ashore to aid in the celebrations which will go on into the early hours.

The sea view is spectacular. palm trees surrounded by fireflies enclose the area, and a treasure chest displaying Blackbeards wealth is on show, celebrating the latest success in capturing unsuspecting cargo ships.

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