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WWF Malaysia- Earth Hour 2011 scoff at the idea of saving energy for one miserable hour. What can one hour do to save the earth? Well, it's really not about saving as much energy for that one hour but really, it's a reminder that we all can do better at saving our own planet because there's no one else responsible for it but us...

So if you'd like to be a volunteer for one day, and try to make a difference in any small way that you can, here's how:

Earth Hour 2010 was the largest voluntary action for the environment in history with lights going out across 128 countries and over 4,500 cities worldwide. This year, WWF-Malaysia is inviting volunteers* to stand together with the world in a global celebration of the one thing that unites us all – the planet.

Date: 26th March 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 10.00am- 10.00pm (Earth Hour takes place from 8.30pm-9.30pm)
Venue: Sunway Pyramid

Session A: 10.00am -12.30noon
Session B: 12.00noon- 2.30pm
Session C: 2.00pm-4.30pm
Session D: 4.00pm- 6.30pm
Session E: 6.00pm-8.30pm


*Volunteers aged 18 and above only
You are welcome to join both the volunteer session & Dancing in the Dark
A short and simple briefing will be given upon registration at the gathering point at the WWF-Malaysia booth located in Oasis Boulevard (outdoors next to T.G.I Friday, Italiannies and Republic), Ground Floor before each session

To get the public excited to support nature conservation
To generate “Live Green” pledges towards more sustainable lifestyles (please see
To bring together nature lovers to celebrate our living planet

What do I do as an outreach volunteer?
You will be chatting with people to get them excited about supporting Earth Hour and pledging to “Live Green”. A briefing and outreach materials will be provided; but in the mean time, please check out the FAQ on

Note: Volunteers will be given an Earth Hour button badge and glow-in-the-dark arm bands on the day.

Further FAQ for Volunteers

Can I choose a session that I am comfortable with?
You are free to choose which session to be on duty, but there is a cap of 40 pax per session on a first come first served basis.

Will I be alone if my buddies can’t join me?
Don’t worry, volunteers will be divided into groups of three to five people.

I am from a club/organisation, can I mobilise my members?
Yes, please, the more the merrier. In your registration e-mail, let us know the name of your club/organisation and the number of members who would like to volunteer and their preferred sessions.

What is the dress code?
• Casual, with sleeved tops and shorts/skirts/dresses/jeans that are at least knee length
• Earth Hour T-shirts are available for sale from WWF-Malaysia
• If you’d like to participate in the “Dance in the Dark”, please wear white clothes (watch for updates on this exciting dance!)

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