Sunday, May 15, 2011

Event Looks Inspired by Residential Decor

Events are often viewed as a fanciful escape from everyday life, but many designers are suddenly taking inspiration from the home. Whether it’s an event held in a private residence or residence-turned-event space, or the use of overstuffed armchairs, area rugs, and other homey touches, residential-inspired decor is on the rise.

Much like the trend of upscale comfort food on catering menus, the effect is informal but luxurious. And some event marketers say it’s a subtle yet effective way to communicate a brand’s message. “The attendee experience at an event usually needs to have a long-term impact. By incorporating a brand or message into a lifestyle or experience, there is more potential for longevity or retention. When done elegantly and artfully, the guest leaves the event with an overall impression, while not feeling like it was forced or brand-heavy.


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