Thursday, August 9, 2012

Spring/Summer Event Touches

Drawing on the ethereal, ghostly set of the famous ballet, designer 
Bill Heffernan of HMR Design Group brought a moonlit-forest look 
to the tent that housed the ensuing gala in Millennium Park. Large, 
transparent cubes decorated with projected branch patterns hung 
overhead in the dining space, while ferns and white freesia topped the tables.
Photo: Bob Carl

In the Hamptons, the Parrish Art Museum's Midsummer Party included
dinner in an ornate tent. Overhead, a leafy projection and twinkling
rope lights contrasted with a more high-tech lighting rack, which
produced a dancing effect.
Photo: Patrick McMullan/

The National Ballet of Canada celebrated its 60th anniversary
in June. During the reception, which had a specialty vodka cocktail
called "Diamonds in the Skyy," ballerinas danced and stretched casually
amid the guests.
Photo: Gary Beechy

For the City of Hope "Spirit of Life" gala in Los Angeles, Namevents
turned a parking lot adjacent to Geffen Contemporary at MOCA into
a dinner space meant to evoke a high-end nightclub. Guests sat in
lounge areas with plush couches and blankets, and dinner was served
on glass tables with programmable LED bases. On some tables,
tall glass vases designed by Chris Matsumoto were filled with water
and stones in colors that echoed the hues on the invitation.
Photo: Line 8 Photography.

The event this year drew inspiration for its theme from Cleopatra,
the subject of 'Cleopatra: The Exhibition.' A troupe processed through
 the dining room to announce a feast hosted by Mark Antony and Cleopatra,
also known as dinner.
Photo: Nadine Froger Photography

With a Night at the Museum theme, the event had an area dedicated
to all things ancient Egypt, including pyramids, a Sphinx, and hieroglyphics.
Photo: Christie's Photographic Studios

To honor the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s classic story, the
19th annual Canadian Cancer Society fund-raiser brought a surreal
and upscale version of the tale to life. The design for the dining room
 included five different table styles, seven linen combinations,
 three types of chairs, and four colors of chair cushions.
Photo: Alexandre Chéron

Thematic catering at the Daffodil Ball included soup served
from a teapot. An edible pocket watch crust rested on top.
Photo: Fahri Yavuz

The evening had decor with towering paper centerpieces in the shapes
of flowers, windmills, and airplanes. Artist and illustrator Jami Darwin Chiang
constructed the paper pieces.
Photo: Josh Sears

Decor here included plush white lounge furniture, hanging chandeliers, and topiaries.
Photo: Peter Peck Field

Long, communal tables and lounge-like configurations provided

more relaxed seating on the upper level. For centerpieces,
designer David Monn incorporated square-shaped topiaries,
illuminated by candles that hung from the leaves in glass cylinders.
Photo: Nadia Chaudhury/BizBash

A tunnel of silver balloons from Balloons by Tommy.
Photo: Joseph R. Palmer


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