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Competitive Communication using Automatic 3D Face Modeling

Computer animation in advertising and marketing is a class by itself, as a communication medium. While it bonds some features of other graphic means such as video, it has exclusive qualities that no other advertising medium can equal.  3D Animations are an immensely popular communication medium utilized to increase awareness and boost the reputation of different types of businesses around the globe.

3D Animation Services comprise of various feature like such as; 3D Media, Web Media, Marketing Media, Mobile Media and Outsourcing Media. For instance, 3D character modeling animations display actual movement of lips and physical body to deliver great entertainment to the viewers.

3D animation companies are not only concentrating on attracting viewers to the particular product or service being highlighted,  they are also mindful of showcasing the client’s overall standard and vision. The 3D animation services are an amazing way glamorize not only the specific project or service but also the organization as a whole.

Beauty and Virtual Try-on
・Hairstyle, cosmetics, and eyewear simulation
・Try-on content for E-Commerce sites
・Used in shops as customer consulting tools
・Creating user generated content for social networks
"Home-gami" by Kao Megane Super JINS Eyeglass try-on game "iLash": Eyelash Simulation

Entertainment Solutions

Makeover and Lip sync using photo-to-3D modeling
・For smartphone apps and user-participated web campaigns
・Adding facial expressions and lip sync (for speech) to the 3D faces
・Realistic expressions with movie-like make-up
ZombieBooth nullface HBO SSP Sony RecU

Movie-based Solutions

・Make the user star in a movie or video commercial, using face synthesis
・User generated content for web campaigns and social networking sites
P&G Coca Cola Western Union Unilever Intel Clorets U-movie

Portrait-based Solutions

・Automatic portrait generation from a photo
・Ability to make different types of portraits, such as realistic or cartoon
・Conversion of portrait to 3D model, using Motion Portrait technology
Preinstalled applications for game consoles

Game Middleware

・3D face modeling and lip synchronizing of photos and drawings
・Cost reduction of development, by removing the need for manual 3D modeling
Agarest Senki Zero Doki Doki Suikoden WHITE ALBUM
PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo etc.

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