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5 Malaysian Stage Artistes to Check Out


Christian B. Palencia (who performs shoeless as he has a special audio recording and playback device being controlled by his feet while he played the guitar),  is a solo singer/songwriter who dreams of inspiring people through music by giving hope to push on and to realize that ‘Today is that better day’. He is very well known to keep the intimacy no matter how big the crowd.


Kavin has been voted the grumpiest comedian in Malaysia today for his love/hate relationship with his life, love and country. Born with a severe disability (being indian) he was always destined to be angry and easily irritated, putting that negative energy on the stage to positive effects. He complains about everything, so that you don't have to. Known in the underground scenes and open mike spots, he has since performed with international acts such as Dave Callan (Ire), Pierre Hollins (UK), Vir Das (IND) JJ Whitehead (Can), Chris Wainhouse (Aus), Rob Brown (AUS), Paul Ogata (US) and Steven Grant (UK) and countless Malaysian stand up comics

Ross Stephenson is a funny man who uses a combination of psychology knowhow and Malaysian wit to make your day.


Ray Cheong, Malaysia’s Jazz, Folk, Blues, Rock and Soul Singer-Songwriter/Guitarist performed next. Ray's segment consisted of his own compositions such as Afraid, Just a While, Yellow Day. He is one of the most prominent guitar players in Malaysia with his unique way of approaching the acoustic guitar with a new-age genre of slapping and tapping techniques similar to the likes of Justin King, Don Ross, Andy McKee and other new-age guitarist in the music world.

Another noteworthy 4-piece band is Fazz. They are simply amazing and their energy so electrifying. Their music is a mix of broadway, swing, jazz, a bit of rock and lots of drama. The four musicians – Kevin (Vocal), Grace (Keys), Farouque (D.Bass) and Jone (Drums), work together to bring entertainment on stage using the date of 1940s concept as their genre.

5 ROZZ With a classical blues tone to her voice and a timeless style, Rozz is ad infinitum the best thing to hit the local underground jazz music scene. Her flamboyant theatrical persona adds up to her mesmerizing and moving performance and together with her playfulness and joyful interaction with audience, she is incontrovertibly an astonishing performer in her own league.

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