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Ooh la la! C'est Magnifique! French Event Entertainment

If you're searching for event entertainment in France or would like to bring French entertainment to a French themed event wherever you are, start your search here!


Book this amazing aerial circus act to add ‘wow factor’ to your event

Paris- based Marika is widely known for her unique aerial hoop contortion act that will alter your state of belief when she shapes and moulds her body into positions you thought were impossible.

Marika's beautiful and breathtaking aerial artistry is guaranteed to wow guests at any event!  She is a popular choice with those looking to push the boundaries and offer guests a dramatic and truly impressive visual spectacle, making her ideal entertainment option for corporate events and product launches!

Marika combines remarkable strength, extreme flexibility and creativity to add a touch of the spectacular to any event.

This Aerial trio are a wonder to behold with their beautiful and breathtaking aerial artistry guaranteed to amaze guests at any event! Based in Cannes, the trio are a popular choice with those looking to push the boundaries and offer guests a dramatic and truly impressive visual spectacle, making them an ideal entertainment option for corporate events and product launches throughout France!
Combining remarkable strength, extreme flexibility and creativity to add a touch of the spectacular to any event, these versatile aerialists offer unique entertainment with definite ‘wow factor’.
Dressed as Aliens these 5 to 8 percussionists have landed on planet Earth, armed with LED drums. Their mission: to make people dance till they drop! 
Based in Paris, the drumming/percussion ensemble are a visually stunning, high impact entertainment option that has captivated audiences around the world.  Their impressive visual and musical display means that this drumming act is a favourite for international event openings, street entertainment, festivals and product launches!
These inter-galactic travellers are available to perform still or strolling around, the drummers wear luminous costumes for night performances.  Book this Percussion Ensemble and make your event go with a bang!
Bubble Show France is an expert bubble maker who uses his understanding of chemistry to create all sorts of soap bubbles to the delight of audiences and onlookers.
Whether it's a festival, concert, family party, wedding or corporate event, Bubble Show France will never fail to entertain. This interactive fun will keep guests mesmerized and enthralled for hours.
Bubble Show France will amaze you with his bubbles of all shapes and sizes. He will also keep kids busy playing with these wonderful creations that float and glide in the air. For Bubble Show France, the surprise will keep coming as he creates magical bubbles with smoke, different colours, amazing shapes that will surely make events exceptional and unforgettable.
As if this isn't enough, Bubble Show France comes complete with multiple props and costumes. He can be a wisecracking clown, or a party magician. There is no limit to what this energetic entertainer can do. He can come up with artworks and concepts, perfect for your themed events.
Comedy Bodyguards are a France based duo that have been providing amazing walk-around entertainment worldwide. Using stilts and dressed as executive bodyguards, these guys with "small heads" are instant hits in crowded areas and public places.
Their act consists of them playing two bodyguards on a mission to secure the city and its inhabitants. What makes the act a hit with the audience is the duo's natural flair for comedy. Audiences are sure to be amused with their slapstick routines and their pantomime type acts. Their dead pan humour will surely leave you in stitches. Their show offers pure interactive entertainment.
To date, Comedy Bodyguards have performed in over 35 countries worldwide for a total of over 350 performances - a testament to the popularity this duo have achieved throughout the years. They are frequent guests in street festivals, mall shows, corporate events, themed parties, and cultural events.
If you are looking for an interactive act that is sure to be a hit with the audience, Comedy Bodyguards will never disappoint.
This outstanding Fire and Light performer has over 10 years experience appearing at the biggest events throughout France.  Based in Poitiers, his spectacular fire performances include the many aspects of fire: such as fire breathing, eating and flame throwing.
Designed to inspire and amaze audiences, this fire artist is the perfect entertainment option for those looking for serious ‘wow factor’.  Shay is in huge demand with product launches and corporate events where clients want to create a unique visual spectacle and a lasting impression for guests!  As seen on hit TV show France Has Got Talent, Shay has performed for high profile corporate clients including Sony, Air France, BMW, Microsoft, Dominos and Mini.
As well as his fire spectacle, Shay also presents a new light show featuring the latest LED technology. Combining stunning light effects and unexpected surprises, the LED show is sure to wow audiences of all sizes.  The LED juggling performance can include the appearance of your logo, brand or text in company colours.
If you are looking for something different for your event, promotion, TV Show, viral marketing video, trade show or exhibition then look no further than ipad Magicians Paris.
Focusing on Digital and magical entertainment for businesses they put their passion into your brand and customise their response to your event needs.
Combining a fusion of the latest technology and the creativity of iPad magic, the magicians provide an original and personalised way to innovate products and make you stand out from the crowd.
Real WOW factor tricks, iPad magicians Paris have entertained millions across the globe with unique stage and close up acts ensuring they are constantly in demand!
From a science-fiction-inspired universe, the Cybers are hybrid beings – half-human, half-machine. Their luminous silhouettes dance and manipulate light sticks in a ballet of smoke and light to a background of ambient electronic music.
Year of creation: 2005
Format: an electronic music and light parade + Possibility of a parade and/or a final show of 8 minutes.
Music: portable sound system, electronic music
Staff: 2 cyber-women and 2 cyber-men, stilt walkers light-juggling dancers(+ 1 stage manager for the laser show)

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