Monday, October 19, 2015

A New Tech-Based Option for Fund-Raising

Event staff scan guests' wristbands to record their donations. The system then automatically emails an invoice to the guest.
Photo: Courtesy of Connect & Go

 Connect & Go, the Montreal-based company that creates technology for cashless payment, attendee tracking, access control, lead generation, and social sharing for brands and events, is launching a new platform for fund-raising. The system uses paper-thin N.F.C. tags that can be attached to bracelets, badges, or stickers. At an event, guests can have their tags scanned to confirm donations, submit silent auction bids, and purchase raffle tickets.
“There’s so much money fund-raisers are leaving on the table, and that’s what we are aiming at solving,” says Anthony Palermo, co-founder of Connect & Go. “Don’t wait till Monday to say, ‘Hey, you seemed interested in donating some money.’ Those on-site impulse commitments are what we want to leverage. We ask what amount you want to donate, we scan your wristband, and you get a link in [an] email with the invoice.” Planners can also ask guests to link their wristbands to a credit card so the payment happens automatically.
For silent auctions, an N.F.C. tag is attached to each item up for bid. Guests scan that tag and the tag on their wristbands and then enter a bid for the item. At the end of the event the system alerts the highest bidder. The system can also be used for a ticketless raffle drawing. Guests scan their N.F.C. tags to purchase a ticket, and then the drawing is performed digitally.
Fund-raising is the newest feature that can be added to Connect & Go’s existing N.F.C. services. So with one N.F.C.-enabled wristband or badge, a guest can check in at an event, share photos to social media, request information from a sponsor, purchase drinks at the bar, and now also manage monetary contributions.
Source: BizBash

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