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Fun things to do during the school holidays!

Ah...I looked forward every school holiday and I would without fail plan so many things I wanted to do but homework very often got in the way of really enjoying myself. Can you imagine spending a holiday studying for exams which were to be held a week after school was to begin again? It's really pure torture!

I remember one of my best holidays. I was in Form Five (SPM year) and my parents came across an ad promoting an EAA Young Eagles Flying School Camp in Ulu Bernam. I excitedly asked my friends to ask their parents to allow them to join me. A week away with my friends! What an adventure! Two of them got the "ok" and our parents registered us.

We slept in tents under the starry sky and learned different things on different days. We gossiped the nights away. I can't remember how the food was but I remember us getting up really early to take our turns to shower and start on our duties. We learned to read the compass, the basic terms used in aviation, calculation methods, how to read maps and, of course, make more friends. The best part of that camp was being able to navigate a flight with a professional pilot (who most of the girls had a crush on).

Anyhow, back to the present, with the long holidays in June, you can now send your kids to fun camps and parties!

BEST EVENTS can organize one day or weekend Amazing Races for kids 9 years and above (and of course for the adults as well). We'll arrange for packed meals, t-shirts, caps, and activities to last either half a day or a full day. Just call us at least three weeks in advance. Amazing Races can be done in your own home or neighhbourhood to avoid having to go to the local municipal council to apply for permits.

For the more adventurous, why not take basic flying lessons? Here are some to choose from:


This is a trial flight. This flight takes around 15 to 20 minutes. The Discovery Flight consists of a briefing about the simple aerodynamics controls on the airplane and simple checks on the aircraft before you fly. On board, you will start to taxi, take off, do simple manoeuvers during the cruise and help land the plane! After landing, the pilot will review the flight and able to answer questions/comments you may have.

This package is suitable for those who:

Love flying
Interested to learn how to fly
Want to surprise their loved ones with a birthday gift!


Sky Cruise is a "half an hour joy flight" above KL City area and it GUARANTEED to be the most exciting and remarkable experience of joyride ever found in Malaysia. On flight, you can have the opportunity to take in the scenic views of Kuala Lumpur City. You are given the chance to taxi, handle the aircraft (manoeuver) during flight and help land the aircraft too.


If you want to fly in a group, you can choose a half an hour or an hour flight above KL City.

This package is reasonable for those who are on budget. They can fly you close to the KL Tower as well as the KLCC building for you to capture the scenic views from the sky.

The Joy Flight Family Package is appropriate for:

Hen Nights (Best Events can organize activities to do before and after the flight)

and those who love a little adventure with a small budget


The Youth Aero Adventure program is a one day flying camp for kids and youths. It's tailored to expose the Malaysia aviation industry to our young generation. This program will provide them with information and create awareness about career opportunities available in the aviation industry as well as aerospace industries. Your children will be exposed to exciting, thrilling and remarkable activities and modules designed in the package such as:

Basic Aerodynamics & Aircraft Control
Aircraft & Hangar Visit
Basic Radio Telephony
Control Tower Visit
Aviation Career Talk
Flying with Aircraft Handling Experience

For any enquiries/further details on JOY FLIGHT PACKAGES offered to you, please CALL 03 – 5569 9500 (Hunting Line) and speak to Mrs. SAJA / Mr. ZAKARIA or fax to 03 – 5569 8500. Their operating hours are from 9.00 am until 6.00 pm, Mon – Friday and 9.00 am until 2.00 pm for Saturdays (every week).

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