Monday, February 2, 2015

5 reasons to hire a magician at your event

When I hear the word "Magician" I no longer think of David Copperfield (he's still amazing though!) but what immediately comes to mind are the likes of David Blaine and Cyril.

We have Malaysian and international illusionists who have performed at world class events and they never cease to amaze me with their antics.

There are those who loathe magicians and illusionists labeling them corny and cheats but I adore them and if you are like me, here are 5 reasons you should hire them.

1. Magicians always break the ice at a table, which is especially useful if you have people on the table who don’t know each other.

2. Talking about the amazing magician always makes for a great conversation at the table during the meal.

3. Most people have never seen a close-up magician perform before, so it’s a great opportunity for them to experience magic from just a few feet away.

4. It’s something everyone can join in with and enjoy. Everyone from young children to corporate clients love magic!

5. It creates a great buzz and a fun atmosphere. Laughter and applause is contagious, so it’s the perfect way to ensure that everyone enjoys the atmosphere.

If you are keen on hiring a magician, we have a talent from Holland that will be available for shows in Kuala Lumpur from 5 - 12 Feb 2015 -Close-up Magic Star, Fritz Alkemade.

Fritz is an award winning international magician who has performed and made TV appearances in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, France, Italy, Japan, China and the Philippines.

Fritz is ideal for corporate cocktail events, hospitality parties and mingling events.

All-in fees are RM6,000 for up to 120 minutes of close-up magic inclusive of travel, accommodation and transport arrangements.


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