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5 Last minute Chinese New Year DIY decor

Rooms cleaned, curtains washed and hung, stuff that you have been hoarding for the past year has now been discarded. Food supply bought and stored. The only thing left to do is to decorate your home with Chinese New Year decor. It's only three days away! Here are a few ideas to help you:

1. Fortune Cookie Jar

Chinese New Year Party
Source: andbabiesmakefour.com

All of us usually have candy jars somewhere around the house. Fill them up with fortune cookies and place them as a centre piece in your TV hall so guests are not only distracted by the Jackie Chan movies on TV but what the future holds for them.

2. Cherry Blossom Art

Soda Bottle Cherry Blossoms
Source: Alphamom.com

With all the soda bottles stocked up, you would surely have one bottle to spare to create your own Cherry Blossom art.

Make cherry blossom artwork with a recycled 2-liter soda bottle as a stamp! Here are the detailed instructions.

Start by using dark paint to paint a branch on poster board. Branches are easy to paint. If you can’t paint in a straight line, it looks even better.

Cherry Blossom Art Made with Soda Bottle | alphamom.com

I cut this piece of poster board in half lengthwise because I want it to look more like an art panel than a poster.

Once the branch is painted, let it dry before continuing with the stamping.

Now let’s do the stamping. Pour some paint on a paper plate and dip the plastic bottle.

Cherry Blossom Art Made with Soda Bottle | alphamom.com

The bottom of 2-liter soda bottle has five points like the five petals of a cherry blossom.

Cherry Blossom Art Made with Soda Bottle | alphamom.com

Press the plastic bottle on the poster board, then lift up. Dip the bottle in more paint each time you repeat the stamp. This is really fun, add as many blossoms as you want.

Cherry Blossom Art Made with Soda Bottle | alphamom.com

3. Lucky Star with Ten Red Packets 

Your banks and supermarkets have given you more than enough red packets. What do you do with them? Make Lucky Stars, of course!

Source: http://chinesenewyearlanterns.blogspot.sg

4. Paper cutting Candle Holder

chinese new year paper cuts

Finding easy patterns to cut out is no easy task! Hopefully these links will help you:


5. Ang Pow Fan

This Ang Pow Fan is made using only 10 red envelopes. It is also easy to make as a decoration or gift to friends and relatives during Chinese New Year. The materials required are as follow:

1) 10 Red packets (Ang Pow)
2) Red string about 30 cm
3) one tassel (or thin strips of paper)
4) UHU glue or double sided tape
5) A pair of scissors (optional, in case you need to cut a ball of red string)

Here's is a step by step tutorial the contributor made and uploaded to share with you

Source: http://chinesenewyearlanterns.blogspot.com/

If craft is not your thing, getting new lanterns, new plants and arranging mandarin oranges into pyramids work too! (Cats add the cute factor!)

Image result for mandarin orange pyramid

Gong Xi Fa Cai! May the Year of the Goat bring you lots of properity!

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