Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 10 Find: Celebrate With a Cake

Sometimes you don't know when a hidden gem is just in front of your nose. I received a last minute order for a themed birthday cake (for newbies, last minute= a week before the party) and I couldn't get my regular cake supplier to bake a cake for me. I asked around and found out from my grandmother that one of our neighbours bakes cupcakes (she came to know this only when she received some cupcakes with my neighbour's company sticker on the box.) "Perhaps she does cakes too", she suggested. I tried my luck and called the number on the sticker.

As luck would have it, my neighbour, Aunty Chloe has been baking and decorating cakes for a living for the past 4 years!!! I was so happy I could barely contain my excitement (but had to, to look somewhat professional!) Her prices are reasonable as well!

So here's the link to her website just in case you're looking for a wonderful baker!

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