Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A little about Best Events...

Something I was sure about when forming Best Events is that I wanted a company that creates a good, personal experience for everyone attending the event or party at reasonable prices.

Every event or party that we organize is a new learning experience for us.

I was once asked to do a poolside party for kids and I believe that was one disaster! It was held on a public holiday and the balloon supplier could not deliver the helium balloons.

It was my first time filling balloons up with helium and it wasn't too difficult. Filling the water balloons with water is a different matter! I was lucky enough to have my partner help me with the chore though he swore never to get involved in that sort of thing again. Poor thing! The balloons kept bursting!

We were also asked to assist with the barbequeing ( by assisting we thought it meant mostly serving) but ended up having to man the whole thing the whole night. I can tell you, it's no easy task! Needless to say, we burnt all the garlic bread. Thank God the client's family friend saved us from further embarrassment. The party went well but it would have been best for the client to have hired a proper caterer to help with the food and to clean up after. Back then I hadn't mastered the art of saying "no". Now I've gotten better at it!

Best Events will create and sustain the highest level of service and customer experience through our unique and passionate culture. We love what we do!

Best Events is an entrepreneurial company, dedicated to your continued success. We have fun and are committed to longevity, creativity and humanity in our relationships.

Best Events is honest, hardworking and listens to you.
As collaborative partners, we respond to your needs with solutions that are creative, timely and effective.

There are plenty of party planners out there but with Best Events, you can be assured that you and your guests will enjoy your party! We are after all Simply Partylicious!

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Based in Malaysia, Best Events specializes in Conferences, Seminars, Murder Mystery Dinners, Gala Dinners and Team Building events.


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