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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Kuala Lumpur is a shopping haven and there are plenty of places to shop for mum this Mother's Day but why not make this year's extra special? Here are 5 gift ideas (which are not limited just to Mother's Day!) we have for you:

Slope/Water sphering

Yes, this is where you get into a transparent sphere and roll down a hill or across the lake for 30 seconds.

The plastic ball is filled with 30 litres of water (and no, we have no control on the temperature of the water!).

With aqua sphereing no harness is used, so you and up to two friends will climb into the plastic ball and let loose 'freestyling' it down the slope, churning around inside the sphere. We think this is probably as close as it gets to feeling what it's like to be in a washing machine on spin cycle!

Don't forget you can do a solo aqua sphere or you can go for a voucher for two or three people all in the same sphere at once. There's no need to choose the venue when buying your sphereing voucher - it's your choice of venues in the UK.

Experience Summary: Each roll lasts around 30 seconds and takes place on a specially prepared track. Aqua sphereing can be done solo, with two or three friends.

Availability: Sphereing runs on weekends and some weekdays. We are happy to check advance availability for this activity.

Requirements: You cannot participate if you are: under 3ft10ins and less than 7 years old,exceed 18 stone (or maximum girth 60 inches) pregnant, suffering from high blood pressure, any heart condition or epilepsy, suffering from or have ever had any back or neck problems, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, undergoing medical treatment or have had an operation within the past twelve months. Parental consent is required up to the age of 18.

If you suffer from any other conditions and are in doubt of your participation please contact us. The judgement of weight/height (or any other restriction) is final and may be decided upon by the staff on the day of the ride. Water sphereing is open to two or three people or individuals, according to the type of Water sphereing voucher bought.

Price per person RM55

Hot Air Balloon Ride

We've seen movies where marriage proposals are done mid-air and we wonder when we would ever experience such a moment. Well, don't wait for marriage proposals! Now you can bring your whole family up with a Hot Air Balloon Workshop that gives you hands-on experience to learn the behind the scenes of how a hot air balloon actually works plus you get to ride on the tethered balloon up to 50metres! (Better make sure your mum isn't afraid of heights!) Hot Air Ballooning is an early morning outdoor sport and this workshop involves physical activity & lots of fun!

Dates: First weekend of every month

Venue: Football Field, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa
Registration: 7.00am
Time: 7.30am-10.30am

Fees: RM80 (adults)

RM50 (children age 7-12)

Group of more than 10 get a 10% discount
Attire: Casual wear, sports shoes & cap

Spa package

All of us need a spa treatment once in a while and who deserves it more than your mum?

Ravissante is having a Mother's Day Special. Get a Relaxing Body Scrub, Smoothing Milk Bath, Hour Aromatherapy Massage, Traditional Bamboo Cupping Treatment, Ella Bache Hydra Booster Facial & Mesonano Stemcell Wrinkle and Pigmentation Killer Treatment for only RM398 (usual price RM1,104)The spa treatment starts with a delightfully gentle yet exfoliating scrub to rub away dead skin cells, while moisturising and softening skin. Then simmer in our jacuzzi milk bath. This hydrotheraphy will soften muscles pre-massage, energize, cleanse and freshen you physically and mentally. Enjoy our Spa Cuisine, which is a little culinary delight while in the jacuzzi. Next, indulge your muscles in a relaxing 60 minute full body aromatheraphy massage

Traditional Bamboo Cupping is an ancient Chinese technique of healing that has long been a part of traditional Chinese medicine. This treatment is traditionally used to remove "wind" from the body (especially after pregnancy) and is remarkably good to treat back, neck, shoulder, and many other musculoskeletal pains.

Ella Bache Hydra Booster Facial is a re-hydrating feast using the perfect hydrating ingredients to re-plump, smoothen and softhen your skin so that it glows with new radiance. While you succumb to a gentle soothing massage, your skin, bathed in luxurious textures, is plumped up and flourishes with new radiance. Your skin is so visibly revived - you'll be amazed!

Mesonano Stemcell Wrinkle and Pigmentation Killer treatment is a new revolutionary anti-aging technology reduces pigmentation (99%), wrinkles 99%), open pores (82%), and blackheads & imperfections (80%). Get rid of your lines, and have pigmentation free skin, and feel better – because you deserve to be Ravissante (ravishingly beautiful).

Call Ravissante at 03-7728 2577 to make an appointment. Join our Mother's Day contest to win a Ravissante Traditional Bamboo Cupping Treatment (30 minutes)voucher worth RM148 too!

Chocolate making/Appreciation class

You've heard of wine tasting, now relatively new to the KL market is chocolate making and tasting!

Chocolate has amazing complexities and levels of flavor. You'll find unique attributes for each chocolate you taste, from flavor notes to texture to finish, as though each one had a distinctive personality.

Like fine wine, many things affect the final product: the blend of cacao beans, the percentage of cacao, the region where the beans were grown, as well as the timing and manner of the roasting and drying processes. Like wine, chocolate connoisseurs hold tasting sessions that let them explore all the delicious details of their favorite food.

Batik Painting Class

What about a bonding session with your mom? Just book a class for you and your mum and get started on your batik painting!

OR surprise her with your own batik painted hanky!

Price: RM40 per pax (normal price Rm50 per pax). Classes are carried out at a studio Off Jalan Imbi

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