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5 Grand Entrance Ideas That Will Make Your Event Irresistible

5 Grand Entrances that Will Make Your Event Irresistible
If someone ever told you that grand entrances are indulgences reserved only for bad reality shows on MTV and Disney cartoon princesses, they are probably just unfortunate victims of a limited imagination. As with everything in life, first impressions count. In the lives of marketers, impressions are what make the world spin, and a visually stimulating event entrance can make an unforgettable first impression. Here’s our favorite grand entrance ideas.5 Grand Entrances that Will Make Your Event Irresi
A great event entrance has the capacity to mesmerize, electrify, captivate, and/or amuse your audience. Remember, the first impact on your audience’s psyche is made by the visual power of the event entrance that awaits them, and not by the people standing there to receive them.
A grand entrance lassos their attention in from the distractions of everyday life and ties it to the here and now of your event. Yes, that’s right your event entrance could very well be your brand’s swashbuckling cowboy!
Although networking is the true purpose of all events, the value generation from it can only be done effectively if the people participating are excited enough to have eager eyes and ears.
The event entrance is where the journey of your audience begins, and its visual impact can subconsciously evoke a strong emotional response that can linger for the rest of the event and influence their decisions.
Whether it’s a gaming convention or a Christmas party, a grand entrance can begin your communication with the target audience with a bang.
If creative inspiration is what you seek to prepare your jaw-dropping grand entrance, then keep reading ahead because we have something special for you.

Easy Breezy Color Wash

If your chosen venue is an architectural gem, then let it speak for itself. All, you have to do, is accentuate its features with a simple color wash to capture their attention from the distance and draw them in.
Well-placed neon lights, flood lights, and halogen bulbs are good enough to achieve this.
5 Grand Entrances that Will Make Your Event Irresi

Imaginative Image Projection

Image projection technology allows you to give even the most mundane venues a gorgeous makeover. Flat surfaces are ideal for projecting messages, images, and company logos that turn the venue into a beautiful billboard promoting your event.
3D projection mapping is another awe-inspiring option for organizers with a fat budget and a knack for experimental communication. High-skill 3D video mapping, as seen in the Starbucks India launch below, projected custom-made graphics on the building where the store is built to communicate a powerful story.

Enchanting Floral Archways

Floral archways have remained the evergreen go-to choice of a grand entrance for event planners for centuries. Not only are they more affordable than several other fancy entrance options, but they are stimulating to more than just one sense.  Everyone loves a good whiff of fresh florals!
These esthetically pleasing natural gateways can be customized easily and are brilliant options for daytime events.
5 Grand Entrances that Will Make Your Event Irresi

Storytelling LCD Tunnels

Setting up a long entrance way provides organizers the opportunity to communicate an elaborate brand story and build anticipation to a fever pitch.
Tunnels lined with LCD screens and projectors synced to display brand messages along with an array of cool effects can capture the imagination of all who walk through it. They help give the guests a bigger perspective on the nature of the event.
5 Grand Entrances that Will Make Your Event Irresi

Engaging Interactive Games

A grand entrance can also be turned into an interactive experience that entertains the audience and makes them feel like a part of something bigger. Interactive games are great for building up excitement and camaraderie between you and your guests.
For instance, this 15-foot inflatable entrance tunnel with custom graphics can be outfitted with a removable interactive football game and a ball return. You can even offer incentives distributing branded merchandise and other freebies to high scorers.
5 Grand Entrances that Will Make Your Event Irresi

Bonus Planning Tips

Don’t Forget to Direct Your Audience

More appropriately referred to as “pre-entrance prep” by planners, it involves the use of clear, crisp-font signs in easily accessible locations to guide your audience to the grand entrance of your event, ensuring that your guests walk into the event without any confusion weighing down their attention so that they can fully absorb and appreciate the visual spectacle before them.

Personal Greeting Will Never Go Out of Fashion

As fabulous as your event entrance may be, a lack of human presence can leave something to be desired in the minds of your guests.
By deploying a few staff members to warmly greet your guests at the entrance, you can put your guests in their comfort zone, so that you can effectively capitalize on their fascination with your event entrance and make a long-lasting impression.
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