Thursday, December 9, 2010

We were requested to quote for this project in August 2010 and after 2 months of anticipation, we were called to meet with the client from AGFund to pitch our ideas and fine tune our ideas. They wanted the tiniest details discussed and they did this with all the event planners they met here during their first short 2-day visit to Kuala Lumpur. All we knew then was that most hotels were fully booked and we only one venue left that fit the bill- the KL Convention Centre

When they left for Riyadh, we were then asked to give several more ideas before they would make their decision two weeks later. Needless to say, our suppliers were on their wits end trying to get a confirmation before starting on the project.

Finally, we received the much awaited green light and before we knew it we had only two weeks left to complete staging, negotiations with the venue and other vendors. We worked with designers to come up with new stage and backdrop designs and we only got the go ahead 3 days before the 3-day event when the AGFund arrived from Riyadh!

Needless to say, all other projects took a temporary back seat while we dived headfirst into this one. We spent many anxious filled nights at the Secretariat room at The Traders Hotel going over programmes, artwork, event crew schedules, logistics making sure nothing was left out. After all, HRH Prince Talal Bin Abdul Aziz, the President of AGFund and our own PM, YAB Dato' Sri Najib Bin Abdul Razak were going to grace the event!

At last, the first day of the event started off with the Briefing and Press Conference and the journalists found out that HRH Prince Talal was unwell and had sent his son, HRH Prince Turky Bin Talal instead. Ah, but a Prince is still a Prince!

The Briefing and Press Conference covered the AGFund concept specifically targetted for the knowledge of our local NGOs who turned up in droves.

The second day was more for the 12th Prize Committee and more foreign journalists who were specially flown in to cover the event. This is when the 2010 project winners are announced.

And the third day, the grandest of them all, was the AGFund Award Ceremony dinner where the three 2009 prize winners were given awards. The AGFUND Prize is given annually in a city selected as per specific criteria approved by the Prize Committee which includes high-profile personalities representing the various regions of the world. So far, the Prize award ceremony was held in Geneva, Paris, New Delhi, Tunis, Cape Town, Warsaw, Buenos Aires and Istanbul. Kuala Lumpur will be the ninth station within 11 years ever since the Prize has been launched on 1999. The "Prize Station" is selected as per specific criteria approved by the Prize Committee.

The Prize of the Arab Gulf Program for United Nations Development Organizations is an extension of AGFUND approach in concentrating developmental performance and supporting the cornerstones of development in order to realize the target of sustainability and investment in man.

We are happy to report that despite undergoing a challenging two weeks, the event went on without any untoward incident and was even praised as the best award ceremony AGFund has ever had!

Event Report: AGFund Award Ceremony Dinner

We were requested to quote for this project in August 2010 and after 2 months of anticipation, we were called to meet with the client from A...

What are the major trends in the world of corporate events?

Deborah Elias, CSEP, CMP
What corporate events are growing in importance--marketing events? Branding? Employee appreciation? Sales training? Client appreciation? Which do you see fading back?

"Events are that are aimed at marketing/branding to new clients, whether by product launches or trade shows, seem to be the primary focus of corporations." – Deborah Elias, CSEP, CMP, Elias Events, Houston

"In 2008-09, corporate marketing and employee appreciation events were fading, but recently there has been a resurgence. Branding is very important, and brand loyalty is a large focus of clients." --Jocelyn Flanagan, CSEP, E=MC2 Event Management, Calgary, Alberta

"Employee appreciation events have been on the decline for years. That said, events focusing on training and rewarding salespeople are still important to the corporations." – Janet Elkins, EventWorks, Los Angeles

"I don't see as much fading. In fact, we were so faded, particularly in employee appreciation, that all areas you note are making a comeback--including that one!" –- Joann Roth-Oseary, Someone's in the Kitchen, Tarzana, Calif.

How have your responses to Request for Proposal (RFPs) changed in the last 12 months? Do you stress some elements more now? Is it just a question of price nowadays?

"Last year it was all about price and pretty much getting everything they got in 2008 but with 2009 prices. This year seems to be more about the quality but with more realistic budget expectations." -- Elias

Jocelyn Flanagan, CSEP
"Firstly, the amount of RFPs has increased in the past year, with procurement departments having more control over decision-making. Event elements such as safety standards and environmentally friendly event initiatives influence the outcome of the RFP; however, fiscal responsibility and cost controls are usually at the forefront." -- Flanagan

"There is definitely a focus on ROI--and has been for several years. We often encourage clients [to provide] a retainer so there is a win-win for both the corporation and us as a vendor. We are guaranteed business, and the corporation receives discounted pricing." -- Elkins

"Price remains a primary driver with RFPs although we do see a lot of upgrades, so we are taking the minimalist approach primarily and showing room for upgrades and choices. It seems to be working." --Roth-Oseary

Do you see the market for corporate events looking better in 2011?

"Looking better--thank God. I think people are becoming more optimistic about the shift in focus to the economy--where it should have always been, frankly, for the past two years." --Elias

"Yes, corporations are adjusting to the new mindset of controlled optimism and realize that they need to continue to move forward—'Business as usual.'"—Flanagan

Joann Roth-Oseary
"We definitely see an increase in business in 2011--and even a return for some 'themed' events." --Elkins

"I see it looking better. There is just so long they can lay down and play dead before the market thinks they are dead. I see the noses poking out of the foxholes, getting ready to shoot." --Roth-Oseary

What are the trends to watch?

"In our city, philanthropy is a major component in designing events. Whether it is a corporate employee Christmas party with guests donating gifts to a children's charity or a social event with the host encouraging donations to their chosen charity, the idea of giving is the a common thread through our events."-- Flanagan

Event planners speak about Corporate Event Trends

What are the major trends in the world of corporate events? Deborah Elias, CSEP, CMP What corporate events are growing in importance--market...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Increasingly tech-savvy and eco-conscious clients will drive continued change in meetings and events management in the year ahead. Technological advances are expected to be at the core of several trends in the meeting industry in 2011.

Customizable mobile apps

One trend is the use of mobile devices and customized applications to promote audience engagement, interactivity and networking. Mobile apps are now being developed for individual events and programs, allowing organizers to communicate with attendees before and during the meeting, especially regarding time-sensitive subjects like changes of itinerary, maps and other announcements.

There are several devices and services currently on the market that help to increase the technological and interactive aspects of a meeting. These include audience response and networking apps such as VisionTree, Spotme and others. VisionTree utilizes proprietary software on either existing client phones or rentable equipment and is useful for tracking audience responses, while Spotme uses proprietary software and equipment for messaging, customized agendas and audience response.

Expect customized lead generation and comprehensive registration tracking and reporting to become more prevalent through the use of barcode scanning and RFID.

Hybrid meetings
In today's cost-conscious business environment, PMUSA forecasts that new technologies will also drive continued growth in hybrid meetings. By incorporating hybrid components into their meetings, clients are saving money, achieving higher attendance rates and promoting sustainability. Incorporating technology, such as live broadcasts and video streaming, allows clients to conduct and attend meetings from a remote location. PMUSA believes that the cost savings is a major factor in this trend, along with the importance of a meeting's environmental responsibility."

Comprehensive "green" meetings
Meeting clients have increasingly been requesting "green" events, but it's the comprehensive nature of these requests that PMUSA sees as the most important trend for the coming year. Increasingly, clients are expecting every aspect of a meeting to include an environmental component, from biodiesel vehicles and biodegradable materials to the use of locally sourced food and reusable plants for centerpieces in lieu of cut flowers."
Among other green-friendly options, PMUSA has managed several events where attendees are encouraged to pre-print their name badges in order to reduce on-site waste, and where water refill stations replace bottled water.

Social media interaction
As companies become more aware of the power of social media tools, PMUSA expects clients to request more use of social networking websites like Twitter and LinkedIn to communicate with attendees before and during meetings. Requests for interactive meetings have increased exponentially, and PMUSA expects this trend to continue well into 2011.
Examples of this trend include the increasing popularity of computer kiosks that provide meeting-goers the opportunity to tweet during events and Twitter boards that stream live updates for all attendees to see.

It is also forecasted that 2011 will bring greater use of technology to connect clients and meeting managers during the planning stages of events. Expect extensive use of Skype to provide immediate assistance and allow for "face to face" client interaction no matter where the meeting manager might be.

Corporate social responsibility
The company continues to see an increase in customers requiring Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) components in their meetings, looking to have an impact on the local communities in which they meet. Another popular trend is incorporating CSR into a team-building event at the meeting location, from building bikes and stocking children's backpacks to assembling oyster mats to help with oyster reef restoration.
Aditionally, "Donation Stations" are also becoming more popular in trade shows, allowing attendees and exhibitors to donate their leftover trade show bags and giveaway items for donation to local organizations.

Luxury meetings recover
While 2009 and 2010 have clearly seen less focus on high-end resorts, Best Events management team is beginning to see a change that bodes well for five-star and five-star properties.

Over the last half of 2010, we began receiving increasing client requests for high-end properties, something we expect to continue if the economy continues trending upward in 2011.

Event Trends 2011

Increasingly tech-savvy and eco-conscious clients will drive continued change in meetings and events management in the year ahead. Technolog...

Melvin Gilbert, a Destination Engagement & Wedding Photographer based in Los Angeles - USA will be in Kuala Lumpur on 26 January 2011 and from 12-14 February 2011 so if you haven't booked your potraiture photographer, this is the time to do so!

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-Medium-resolution photos on DVD as well (for facebook or online websites)

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December Promo: Wedding Photography

Melvin Gilbert, a Destination Engagement & Wedding Photographer based in Los Angeles - USA will be in Kuala Lumpur on 26 January 2011 an...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yes, the new year's coming and despite us being busy preparing for the year end parties, we have not forgotten that some of you are already planning your wedding in 2011!

So here are Mandi de Lude's predictions for the new year:

The Dress

Everyone’s favorite part of a wedding is seeing what the bride wore as she walked down the aisle. 2010 paved the way for more and more ruffles, as we saw elegantly structured, layered, avant-garde tiers.

In 2011, you can expect feminine romance to continue, but in softer, more subtle ways. Expect more floral appliqué, sequins, and beading on thinly streamed trumpet and mermaid gowns.

Expect fuller-length gowns to have demure chiffon layers, with the flower appliqué and sequins.

The Invitations

In 2011, expect more contemporary and personalized wedding invitations-Mod, Nature, Vegas!-nothing is off limits. Expect the couple’s personality to really shine through.

OUT: Boring white

STILL IN: Damask (try paisley for a new-but-old twist)

IN: Go green with soy ink, recycled paper, and online save-the-dates!

The Cake

Like invitations, expect cakes to be brightly colored, lots of fondant, and lots of flowers! Goodbye traditional white butter cream. Also look for more creative wedding toppers.

The Colors

Expect lots of reds and yellows. Gray is the hottest new “color” and a nice alternative to brown. Try gray and blush or gray and yellow.

OUT: Brown and pink ,Most Pastels

STILL IN: Black and white (And always will be.) Add a nice pop of unexpected color to a B &W wedding like teal or yellow (no more red with this color combo, please!). Light green with any color, also not going anywhere.

IN: red, yellow, teal.

The Decor

Wedding centerpieces will continue to be more contemporary than traditional bouquet centerpieces. Anticipate fish and floating flowers and candles and branches. Think outside the box to make your wedding centerpiece one-of-a-kind.

Also look for other pops of color in hanging lanterns, table covers, and clothing accents (sashes, flowers pins, shoes, etc.)

SUMMARY: This is not your mother’s wedding. Out with everything white; in with bright, unexpected pops of color, modern cakes, invitations, and centerpieces. Be creative and have fun!

These are just speculations from a 2011 Bride and Maid of Honor, who has done her fair share of wedding research and planning. Of course, the most important thing is to stay true to yourself and your tastes. If you like a nice, old fashioned sort of wedding, don’t create a brightly colored circus wedding theme because those colors are in! Go with white if you want –it's YOUR wedding day!

Wedding Trends 2011

Yes, the new year's coming and despite us being busy preparing for the year end parties, we have not forgotten that some of you are alre...


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