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When parents-to-be don't know or don't want to know the baby's gender, it's adviseable to go with a baby shower theme that is neutral. We recently threw a Baby Safari Animal Baby Shower. Games can be centred around the theme along with the type of food served.

Animal Baby Shower

When parents-to-be don't know or don't want to know the baby's gender, it's adviseable to go with a baby shower theme that ...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We know that good lighting can transform a plain room into an extravagant looking one. Thanks to new advances in technology and the changing face of event marketing, lighting is being used to create interactive branded experiences, arty installations, and splashy, large displays, as well as to set the right tone. Here are the seven trends and developments that will influence events in the coming year, plus a slew of design ideas.

1. Architectural Mapping

One of the biggest—and most influential—trends in lighting is architectural mapping, three-
dimensional projections designed to transform a building’s facade.

“In simple terms, we take architectural plans of a building—or if they don’t exist, we create them. Using these plans, we recreate the building as a 3-D model using computer software,” explains Evan Grant of Seeper. “This provides our canvas, on which we compose the visual and audio performance. Finally, using super-bright projectors and our own custom software, we project the model onto the building, aligning it to the architectural details.” While the goal of Seeper’s design at the Vimeo fest was simply to look cool, these light shows can also be heavily branded, as seen in a Ralph Lauren promo in November. A team including U.K.-based United Video Artists and Drive Productions, Scharff Weisberg, and experiential agency MKG cast images of polo players, models, and products onto buildings on New York’s Madison Avenue. “The thing that’s most compelling to me about video projection is what can be conceived of as a projection surface. As our software gets better, we have a higher degree of control in terms of shaping the image to fit different surfaces,” says Ryan Scammell of Glow Design Group. Grant predicts that as the technology evolves and projectors get brighter and smaller, the mapping will merge with augmented reality. “In the future, architecture will be responsive to its environment and the people within it. We are working on interactive and generative projection mapping that allows the user to become part of and take control of the building and the performance,” he says.

2. Wireless Lights

Battery-powered lights are growing more popular due to their ease of use. “This type of fixture allows planners to have beautiful lighting in remote or hard-to-reach areas, such as table centerpieces, lounge areas, and trees, without the need for an external power source or running cable. This also means less hardware, and potentially faster setups,” says James Schipper of Los Angeles-based Kinetic Lighting. “Another important component of this is wireless control. Most planners probably want to control which color or sequence of colors the fixtures output; by doing it wirelessly, it’s less cable and hardware to run to each light fixture. We’re getting asked for this a lot, but it’s difficult to supply. I think that will change as the demand continues.” While the cost is still high, many lighting designers predict that wireless LEDs will become cheaper and more accessible as demand increases.

3. Interactivity

Over the past few years, interactive lighting projections have been a popular way to incorporate branding and engage guests, and designers are continuing to dream up—and manufacture—new innovations. “Imagine an event space featuring wall, floor, and furniture projections—a fully immersive environment where every move 
triggers something else,” says Ira Levy of New York’s Levy Lighting. “The complete environment can change throughout the night.”

4. More LEDs

LEDs have been around for a decade or so, and we’ll be seeing even more of them. In fact, for some events, they’ll be the only kind of lighting. “The advantages of all-LED lighting are a huge reduction in power requirements, infrastructure, and cable and installation labor requirements,” says Chris Newkirk of Toronto-based Screamlab. “There is no [significant] heat, and there is full programmability in terms of color,” he says. “I use a combination of static—nonmoving—LED modules and moving head LED fixtures, as well as various other elements depending on the project. The fixtures are more expensive to rent, but with the savings elsewhere it pretty much balances out—if you have the right supplier.”

5. Video

When it comes to branded content, many lighting 
designers are opting for video. “Video can be used to support a theme in a way similar to how we’ve used gobos in the past. The advantage is superior images that can be animated and change during the course of the event,” says David Kelly of Frost in Chicago. “The advantage of all of these systems is that they are modular and can be assembled in endless ways. Units can even be suspended overhead to create an amazing effect.” LED systems can also integrate video into an event. “They can be used as a light box or a large source of colored light that can also take in video content, which allows for constantly changing color and patterns. They are also not necessarily square or rectangular tiles; now, they come in linear, curved, circular shapes and more,” says Michael S. Eddy of Eddy Marketing and Consulting. “There are a lot of creative applications with LED video products. They are being used widely on television projects like award shows, game shows, and news programs; they are widely used in concert touring; and they are getting wide use for corporate events, parties, and trade shows.”

6. Bold Color

“With the economy perking up, I’m finding that people are requesting more colorful environments using closely connected but differing palettes to establish a vibe or create more of a branded feeling,” says Bentley Meeker of New York’s Bentley Meeker Lighting and Staging.

7. 3-D

This technology has made its mark on the movie industry—will events be next? Michael S. Eddy thinks it’s still a fad, but it can create impressive visuals. “When good 3-D content is made, like a three-dimensional logo spinning at a product launch, the effect really works well,” he says. “There 
are now LED video products that can create 3-D effects that will work with 3-D glasses—both the traditional two-color, like red and blue, and some that use a polarizing effect, which is more what the technology is moving toward. The polarizer version is far superior to the two-color system, which I find headache-inducing.” —Lisa Cericola

Lighting Trends for 2011

We know that good lighting can transform a plain room into an extravagant looking one. Thanks to new advances in technology and the changin...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It’s hard to motivate a group with the same old games. Here are six new alternatives to tried-and-true exercises for summer associates and corporate picnics.

1. The New Outdoor Activity: Companies get their employees to stage their own flash mob. The group creates a performance concept, then is provided a training video with choreography so they can practice in advance. On the day of the event, professional dance instructors and choreographers rehearse the group before capturing the performance on video.

2. The New Philanthropic Experience: Instead of assembling teddy bears or bicycles, Northern California-based Corporate Games offers a landscaping project where groups plant the backyards of chosen houses. Teams interview the residents, create a plan, and then shop for plants and other supplies. In the end, each team gives a presentation about its design.

3. The New Cooking Class: Try a cake designing competition. Teams decide on a theme, and then sculpt and decorate sheet cakes. Before digging into their creations, they must create commercials to present the cake to the rest of the group.

4. The New Art Project: Groups of as many as 200 can try their hand at ice sculpting. Instructors lead groups in designing, building, and lighting an original sculpture. The project takes around two hours.

5. The New Scavenger Hunt: Try an iPod Touch hunt. Teams use the devices to collect clues and solve timed challenges through the use of video, the Internet, music, photos, and podcasts. The game can be tailored around a company’s information, and lasts about three hours.

6. The New Relay Race: Get your group moving and tap into the TV dance competition craze with a dance-off such as “So You Think Your Team Can Dance?” . In a hotel ballroom, conference room, or any open space, groups will learn steps from professional choreographers, and then perform routines for prizes.

New Teambuilding Ideas

It’s hard to motivate a group with the same old games. Here are six new alternatives to tried-and-true exercises for summer associates and c...

Birthdays, Hen Nights, Baby Showers, Corporate Events, Weddings..they all have something in common. They need party favors to complete it! We've compiled a few of our favourites this month:

Chocolate Bars As a new mom welcoming and celebrating your new born, isn't it wonderful! if you are looking for an extra-sweet favour to give your baby shower guests and value for money at the same time with the right choice! Guests will love the Candbury chocolate bar and the personalised wrapper that express your words of thanks to your guests.

Hugs and Kisses Soap Beautifully inspired in both design and meaning, the "Hugs & Kisses" Scented Soaps is a wedding favour extraordinaire. Inside the black-and-white, Victorian-inspired gift box are two delightfully fragrant, 1 1/2" white soaps—one "X" and one "O"—nestled in white raffia. The gift box measures 3 ¼" x 2 ¼" x 1 1/2" and is tastefully tied with a black, grosgrain ribbon and bow and a matching tag that says "Hugs & Kisses from Mr.& Mrs."

With This Key Ring Brilliant and sophisticated with plenty of glittering facets, this beautiful crystal "diamond" is a perfectly oversized version of the real thing, with enough expertly designed details to set heads shaking! The ring includes several key chain hoops, perfect for keeping all your keys organized. May we suggest these make excellent bridesmaids favors and gifts for bridal shower guests? Each ring arrives in a charming showcase gift box with organza bow with matching "For You" tag.

Butterfly Bookmark The beautiful design and attached white silk tassel make this butterfly bookmark the perfect favour for a variety of events! Celebrate a wedding, birthday, graduation or garden party with these take-home favors for your guests. Each silver metal butterfly measures 2" by 2 1/4", with an attached 3 1/2" tassel. The bookmark is highlighted in a pastel gift box, and topped off with a white ribbon and flower-shaped "For You" tag.

Snowflake Bookmark Gleaming, metal snowflake bookmark is highlighted by intricate openwork detail * Exquisite, ice-blue tassel captures the essence of winter * Bookmark measures 2 ½”in diameter * Showcase gift box measures approximately 3”x 3”and includes ice-blue box sprinkled with white snowflakes, matching “For You" tag.

Butterfly Candle Holder Dual functionality, placecard and candle holder. Ideal for garden or butterfly inspired event. Each elegant butterfly placecard holder is wrapped with silverplated wire that extends to the top with ivory frosted glass candle holder. Tealight excluded.Measures 3" L. Individually gift boxed. Tea Cup Candle Holder These unique little porcelain teacups are ideal for wedding favours. The porcelain 'china pattern' teacup sits atop an attached saucer and the teacup is the perfect size to hold a single tealight. The brilliant silver pattern is an elegant accent on the gleaming white porcelain. The tealight is included and each "teacup and tealight" is packaged

Pretty Party Favors

Birthdays, Hen Nights, Baby Showers, Corporate Events, Weddings..they all have something in common. They need party favors to complete it! ...
We received an invite for Delucca's 2nd Anniversary celebration recently and being there some time back we decided to drop by to see what was new. Friendly waiters greeted us at the entrance and asked if we had reservations and so we said we were there for a dinner party. (Doubt began to creep into my mind when we saw no sign of a party inside. Had I gotten the date wrong?) To our surprise, we were ushered in to privately dine with Delucca's Director, Mr Firas Sowiedan. The invite did mention celebrating WITH Mr Sowiedan but we didn't expect to have his full attention in a one-to-one (well one-to-two) dining session! It was indeed a very pleasant surprise.

We talked about everything from how Delucca got its name (Delucca was born out of the heart and passion of its owners who fell in love with the Tuscan city of Lucca,and they wanted a name easily remembered hence the name Delucca was created)to his love for Japan and its people. (He was planning to go there just before the devastating earthquake and had to cancel his trip) The ambiance at Delucca gives a sense of belonging. One is wrapped in color, soothing mood and is gastronomically satisfied with modern Italian food unique to Delucca!

Delucca, located off Jalan Nagasari, is surrounded by the buzz of city workers and shopping tourists which continues to add to the pulse of our restaurant where all friends and visitors always take a little piece of Delucca back home. About 45 minutes went by before we decided we were ready to eat. Looking at the menu we were spoilt for choice. Everything looked good! I decided to have my favourite (and predictable!) Spaghetti Bolognaise and had no regrets. It was really superbly flavoured with its generous offering of meat gravy.

As the night grew later, and our stomachs getting heavier, we prepared to call for the bill when Mr Sowiedan insisted that the meal was on the house. Well! What a great marketing strategy to get to know his clients personally. We sure will remember him when it comes to good food and service!

What's to look forward to at Delucca you ask? Chef Arnold brings a whole new food ideology to Delucca. His creations are unique and showcase the freshest of local produce blended perfectly to make their menu something truly special.

Their daily buffet lunch provides the busy executive with a flavorful array of Mediterranean salads, freshly baked breads & daily specials, which at a set price, is the place to be for your next business lunch.

From lunch Delucca transitions into the perfect place for exclusive dining experiences where the focus is on relaxation while you wind down after a busy day over Delucca creations all of which are infused with superb flavors and elegant balance. Their island bar is surrounded by the most versatile space in Kuala Lumpur. With 3,600 square feet, space for 100-seated guests and 200-standing, Delucca is the venue of choice for your next event. Having already hosted several major charity events, star-studded birthday parties that saw the restaurant completely transformed into a wonderland of delight, wine tasting dinners, product launches and album releases as well as live performances from international and local artists, such as Anita Sarawak, the Five n Dime band, David Gomes & Junji Delfino and Poova Plachciak, Delucca will rise to the occasion every time.

Your time at Delucca is not only a pleasurable experience but also a convenient one. With five levels of basement parking at the Somerset Office Tower, an auto pay system and a single charge of RM3 for entry after 6pm, getting in and out of Delucca is a breeze.


Ground Floor, Tower C (office tower), One Residency 1 Jalan Mesui, off Jalan Nagasari [Park Royal Service Suites] 50250, Kuala Lumpur

Tel. 03 2144 6545


Delucca’s opening hours: Sunday to Friday: 11.30am – midnight Saturday: 3.30pm – midnight

Going Gaga over Delucca

We received an invite for Delucca's 2nd Anniversary celebration recently and being there some time back we decided to drop by to see wh...

Friday, April 1, 2011

We enjoy the reactions of guests as they walk into a ballroom that's totally transformed. As much as we would like to be adventurous when it comes to weddings, we know that the couple has their families to answer to if the decor is too outrageous. Planning a wedding? Talk to us! What will help us most is giving us your budget and we'll work our hardest to work within it. We promise! Here are some theme colours that are not over the top.

Wedding Decor

We enjoy the reactions of guests as they walk into a ballroom that's totally transformed. As much as we would like to be adventurous wh...


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