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Thistle Hotel Port Dickson Annual Dinner Package

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Surrounded by a beautiful landscape, tall trees, cool air, classy French setting. This could be YOUR wedding venue cum spa destination.

Located on Berjaya Hills in the state of Pahang, Malaysia, The Chateau rises majestically amidst a lush tropical rainforest and is inspired by the 18th century medieval ‘Haut Koenigsbourg’ castle in Alsace, France.
Offering a complete organic experience, this breathtaking and picturesque destination spa and resort offers impeccable service coupled with unsurpassed hospitality standards. Boasting 200 elegant rooms and suites, each one is tastefully appointed and environmentally friendly with organic bed and bath linens as well as room amenities.

The Chateau caters to a discerning clientele in search of a destination spa which provides the ultimate in health and well-being enrichment.

The award-winning L’assiette fine dining French restaurant prides itself in providing its guests with a mouth-watering degustation menu which will excite any gourmet’s palate. Selecting the freshest produce from around the world as well as those grown in its very own organic farms, The Chateau’s team of chefs creates organic as well as non-organic gastronomical cuisine with a mind to well-being.

To start planning your wedding here, please call 012-295 8025 or email to

Bienvenue chez The Chateau!

Surrounded by a beautiful landscape, tall trees, cool air, classy French setting. This could be YOUR wedding venue cum spa destination. Lo...

With daily duties and never ending workloads, you might not have gotten around to planning your year-end party yet. Best Events has a way out for you (provided you book early!). With four themed packages to choose from, you can now breathe easily.

Packages are catered for groups of 80 pax and include:

BBQ Dinner 
Themed Decor
Themed Entertainment
Sound System
Photographer with Photo CD

Packages start from RM20,000 (for KL and PJ areas only)


The Chocolate Factory

Welcome to the magical world of ‘The Chocolate Factory’.  This is your golden opportunity to embark on a mysterious and fantastical adventure.

As you enter through the black iron gates, Willy Wonka will invite you into his factory of fun and frivolity where ‘nothing will be what it is, because everything will be what it isn’t’.

Winter Wonderland

Beautiful sights and sounds await your guests at a ‘Winter Wonderland’ themed party. In the venue, snow is glistening; seasonal music will have everyone listening, and festive fun is on the agenda for the night!

Adventures in Wonderland

Enter a fairytale world full of colourful characters, fascinating props and dazzling backdrops, while enjoying the timeless fun and games of your own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!

Heroes and Villains

Step into the scenes of a ‘Heroes and Villains’ event and you will find yourself amidst an uncanny battle between ‘good’ and ‘evil’.  The question is – which side does your Alter Ego lean towards?  Are you a ‘goodie two-shoes’ or a ‘baddie’ too big for your boots?

For more information, call 012-295 8025 or e-mail to

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Year End Party Packages

With daily duties and never ending workloads, you might not have gotten around to planning your year-end party yet. Best Events has a way o...

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FACT #1 = A good wedding planner will never step in and completely take over.

We know that brides want to be in control and enjoy the planning process. 

This remains the case if you hire a wedding planner. Lets put it this way, when you buy your first home, you get a real estate agent to help facilitate the process. They don't choose the house for you! The same applies here. It's your wedding day and every decision is yours to make. 

A wedding planner acts as an agent and works on your behalf. They will facilitate the process, take care of technical aspects and offer advice. But it is still and will always be YOUR DAY!! 


FACT #2 = Yes, of course, they will! That’s what family and friends are for, right? However, regardless of how many parties they have planned on their own, nothing compares to planning a wedding and the amount of work that goes into it. You want the day to be perfect as it is the most important day of your life. A professional planner is usually a specialist with years of experience. Friends and family have opinions and plenty of ideas but not necessarily the “KNOW HOW” and skills needed to make sure things fall into place, nor do they have the contacts of the best reliable suppliers in the wedding industry. 

As seen on a website "“Friends don’t let friends set up. Or teardown. Leave that to the professionals so you can celebrate with your loved ones. After all isn’t that what weddings are really about?" 


FACT #3 = Yes, most venues have their own event/wedding coordinator, who work for the venue but not for the couple.

A wedding coordinator from a venue is generally one whose duties are for the day of the wedding. His or her duties include making sure that the banquet staff have set up the furniture, food and beverages as planned and that the stage is ready. Having a wedding planner means that the wedding is planned properly from start to finish and works only for the bride/bridal couple. 

Most event/wedding coordinators that work for these venues are professionals and have extensive experience in this industry and will coordinate all that concerns the venue.

They won't be able involved in the whole wedding process and will usually have a fixed list of vendors appointed by the hotel with only the interest of the hotel in mind. They won't be organizing all the wedding suppliers on the day and ensuring that the vendors stick to the plan.


FACT #4 = PLANNING A WEDDING IS NOT A GAME AND WILL PROBABLY BE THE BIGGEST JOB YOU WILL EVER UNDERTAKE IN YOUR LIFE. Most couples think that once everyone has been hired and all the elements have been booked and paid for, the wedding is done. If only it were that easy.

Your wedding planner may look composed when around you or your family but believe me, she's got a million worst-case scenarios running through her head and lots of fire-fighting to do while making sure that the couple get ready in time for rehearsals, makeup and hair, photo sessions and the actual Walk In. Her job and reputation are on the line if anything goes wrong. She's paid to make sure everything runs smoothly to make sure YOU enjoy your day without worry. A professional wedding planner works in the background overseeing the whole event (not unlike a Puppet Master!) while her crew are "her hands" taking part in the action.

MYTH #5 =” Wedding Planners Have a Wealth of Information That They Just Give Out Freely To All and Sundry”

FACT #5 = “Wedding Planners do have an abundance of contacts, tips, knowledge and information therefore we get paid for our expertise as we are professionals in our field. When you call a lawyer, you are willing to pay for his advice and knowledge. He, too, has worked long and hard to be a professional in his field. 

A professional planner spends years establishing contacts with the best suppliers in the industry, forming relationships with them and creating a network that is trusted. This is all done so that the planner can save their client “The Bride and Groom” not only time and money, but always ensuring the best service is delivered, paying attention to reliablilty and quality to suit the clients needs and budget. 

The client is buying the planners expertise, knowledge and time, not just their phone book.

- Tanya Gageiro, Memories 4 U and adapted by Best Events

I Don't Need a Wedding Planner- 5 Myths Debunked

MYTH #1 "IF I HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER I LOSE CONTROL OVER MY OWN WEDDING"  FACT #1 = A good wedding planner will never step in ...


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