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20 influential wedding bloggers were asked to share their thoughts on wedding trends they personally feel will emerge in 2013.  Below are their opinions and predictions.  How many do you agree with?

20.  Patterns  will  be  hot

For 2013, I think that incorporating patterns into wedding day decor is going to be HOT! I think we’ll surely continue to see chevron and stripes used on everything from table runners to bowties. However, I think we’ll also start to see more and more gingham, paisley and even polka dots. Because what’s not to love? They truly do add a bit of fun and a touch of whimsy. I’m imaging bridesmaids in striped skirts, and groomsmen with paisley ties. There really are so many possibilities when it comes to patterns and we’re so excited to see where they’ll turn up for weddings in 2013!
[Chrissy, The Perfect Palette]

19.  The  Reception  Lounge

The reception "lounge" is a wedding trend we've seen begin to take off in 2012 and expect to see back even stronger in 2013. It offers an away from the dance floor area for guests to eat, drink and mingle in a relaxed setting. From a groom’s perspective, the lounge is a perfect spot to feature a favorite microbrew, signature cocktail or finger food. If you’re planning to include a photo booth, any yard or table games or a build-your-own drink station – the lounge is the place to do it. As always guys, be sure to talk ideas over with your fiancé before you commit.
 [Chris, The Man Registry]

18.   Prints  charming

In my book, prints will be a key trend for 2013 weddings. We’ve already seen a few of these starting to come through, but next year I think this will really catch on– everything from the stripes and chevron of 2012 to delicate florals and bold graphic prints. Look out for print fabrics used as table runners and napkins, print bridesmaids’ dresses (either as one of a mismatched grouping, or a striking collection) and even on groomsmen’s shirts or pocket handkerchiefs. Done right, it’s a great look, and if you tie it into your stationery well, can create a lovely ‘brand’ that brings the whole design of the wedding together. Just don’t go overboard or too matchy matchy – depending on the print itself, less is often more!
[Gaby, SouthBound Bride]

17.  Lace,  lace,  lace

In my opinion, we're going to see a lot of lace in 2013! Lace has been a mainstay in bridal fashion for centuries, but it seems to be making a comeback right now. From full-on lace dresses to just a touch here and there to accent a dress, lace has already started to appear on the runway. Many designers will be showcasing classic wedding gowns with lace details like lacy cap sleeves, illusion necklaces, contrasting color lace and more in their spring 2013 collections. My favorite thing about lace is that it's not just for the gown - lace details in the wedding décor is becoming a hot trend, too. Lace can make an elegant statement anywhere from the invitation to the wedding cake. Lace details can be chic and sophisticated, or when paired with rustic or vintage elements, lace can become a bit more whimsical!
 - [Erika, Borrowed & Bleu]

16.  Less  Is  More

I believe that weddings will become more stripped back and minimalistic. We have seen so much styling going on that I think in 2013 couples will want to get back to basics and let the wedding be more about them. So the old phrase ‘Less is More’ will come into play. Less details, less fuss. So simple minimalistic décor and more relaxed styling. Couples have become swamped with over stylistic wedding ideas so think minimalistic venues,  simple flowers with stripped back table decoration, clean lines, simple rustic elements, un fussy ideas for a couple that want the wedding to be about them NOT the details and styling.
[Kelly, Boho Wedding Blog]

15.  Virtual  Guests

In 2013, technology will play in huge role in how couples will share their most precious moments with friends and family around the world.  Live-stream weddings will continue to gain popularity and next year will be a defining year for this type of service. If a loved one cannot attend a wedding, couples will opt to "broadcast" their event and allow front row access to anyone, anywhere.  It's real-time streaming of a real life event.  It's a great idea for couples who want to include more and more people in the wedding. I often ask planning brides if this is something that they would consider, and most are not even aware that this is an option!  Look for more live-stream weddings to emerge in 2013.
[Rachel, Austin Wedding Blog]

14.   The  Fun  Factor

In 2013, couples will be putting an even bigger emphasis on fun! And that means, lots of creative food stations (i.e. mashed potato bars), snack stations (i.e. DIY Smores, popcorn) and late night goodies. Carnival foods such as snow cones, cotton candy & candy apples will be ever-popular for summer weddings, as will food trucks, ice cream trucks, french fry trucks and taco trucks. Late night barbecue will also be sizzlin'. Along with emphasising the fun factor with food, couples will continue to create make their cocktail hour and reception interactive with games such as corn hole, bocce ball & horseshoes.  Entertainment will also get interactive, with couples hiring everything from live event artists, on-site poets and dance instructors to magicians & tarot card readers. To make the fun last even longer, the post-wedding after party where couples hire a bus or van to take guests to a local night club after the reception, will be big for 2013. - [Christina, Intimate Weddings]

13.  Extended  Wedding   Receptions

One of the biggest trends of 2012 was the “After Party,” a party after the reception was officially over. The After Party came with its own music, food, and sometimes even wardrobe for friends of the bride and groom. Although many couples will be continuing that trend in 2013 others will be looking for ways to bring the younger vibe and fun to the wedding itself, without the expense of throwing a completely different second party. Look for receptions that last a tad bit longer so that couples can fit in a change in entertainment and the ever-popular food trucks. For some couples, receptions will be divided in to three distinct sections, the cocktail hour with low-key music and food, the dinner “hour” (actually two or three hours) with all the expected wedding traditions (except for the bouquet toss, which is on its way out and fast), and two to three hours of fun where it's completely acceptable for Grandma and Grandpa to head on home. DJs and bands will be mixing together in new and interesting ways as couples use these longer receptions to try and please everyone.
[Marta, GigMasters]

12.  Wedding  Dresses...  With  Pockets

Finally, the wait is over!  Pocket wedding dresses will break out in 2013 and brides everywhere will rejoice. Functional fashion is in and fashion designers are coming around to the idea of adding soft, dainty pockets to traditional and modern bridal wear.  I recently spoke to a Very popular gown designer who dished that some very high-profile celebrities will be debuting pocket dresses in 2013. Honestly, I'm stunned it's taken so long for this trend to go pseudo-mainstream. If your wedding is more than 6 months away, you might want to entertain the idea of a wedding dress... with pockets. - [Bridal Snob]

11.   The  Roaring  Twenties

I think the biggest wedding trend for 2013 will be a 1920's vintage look.  The decadence and gayety of the era make it a perfect inspiration for a celebration like a wedding. Plus, with the popularity of shows such as Downtown Abbey and a remake of The Great Gatsby coming out, the 20's will be roaring back into popular culture. The style of 20's fashion is very romantic.  Hallmarks of this look include dropped waist dresses and lace in soft colors of ivory.  To channel this look through your accessories, try long strands of pearl necklaces or gold toned jewelry.  Instead of a traditional veil you could wear a cloche style headpiece or a beaded headband with art deco details.
[Maggie, The Giving Bride]

10.  Localized Weddings

As one year of wedding trends comes to a close another will emerge with vibrant ideas, new methods of entertaining guests and bits of eye candy that will set weddings apart as truly spectacular. These are the trends that will live on and become classic. As we are knee-deep in planning and prepping for marvelous 2013 weddings we look ahead to the localized wedding. You needn’t look too far past your hometown for  sea foods or fresh bounty from farmers or bakers. Caterers will see an increase of delectable menus that are thoughtful and sourced locally, showcasing the best of what’s to offer where their creativity can truly shine.

To truly give guests an incredibly unique experience {at often a fraction of the price for shipping foods cross-country or wine across The Pond}, couples can work with a farmer or chef to personalize favorite food elements in an elevated light. The focus will be on quality, not quantity, and a remarkable experience will ensue!
 [Aleah + Nick, Valley & Co.]

9.  Grooms start spending

In 2013, we expect the average cost of a wedding to increase slightly, partly due to spending by the groom.  As more grooms begin playing an active role in the planning details of their wedding (a growing trend we've seen over the past 2 years), certain items such as groom cakes, groom rings, accessories, intricate honeymoon plans and unique groom gifts could significantly impact most wedding budgets, causing engaged couples to ultimately spend more.  Most of the grooms that we've spoken to state that their bride-to-be is totally on board for this increase in spending since it is as much his wedding as it is hers.

8.  A  Return  to  Elegance

In 2013 we are going to see a return to elegance. 2012 weddings reflected the world economy with a shabby chic, ‘do it yourself’ kind of attitude but 2013 brides will draw inspiration from old world glamour with cinematic and literary influences like The Great Gatsby, Anna Karenina,  Downton Abbey, and A Royal Affair. I expect to see decadent fabrics, corsets, ornate lace details, metallics, costume jewelry, and more formal receptions. This trend is already being reflected on red carpets and runways around the world and I can’t wait to see it find its way back into weddings again!
[Sara, Burnett's Boards]

7.   Custom Wedding  Details

The hottest trend in Australia right now is customisation to create a truly personal wedding day. We're seeing more weddings at the one venue- not reception/ceremony  'all in one' function centres, mind you, but farms and large garden spaces, backyards and inner city, multi level venues. This extends to more unusual venues - art galleries, favourite upmarket cafe/gallery spaces, warehouses. I'm predicting more and more couples opting for blank slates they can truly customise to their own style and vision. This can be through asking a wedding stylist to create a bespoke occasion, or making and creating everything themselves right down to the wedding dress and bouquets. This extends further to bridal gowns and accessories- instead of leaving an off the rack gown as they bought it, Australian brides are adding sleeves, coloured belts, crystal brooches. For some weddings, the bridesmaids are being given a colour and asked to choose their own dresses. Grooms are adding fun bow ties and pocket squares and even the ceremonies are involving less traditional moments and more words that tell a story of who they are as a couple. For Australian brides and grooms customising their wedding day, allows them to tell the wider world that 'as a couple, this is who we are'.
[Ms. PolkaDot - Polka Dot Bride]

6.    Fabulous Florals

Of course for the 2013 wedding trend, I have to speak on the wedding flowers.  For Spring 2013, I think we’ll see soft shades of yellows mixed with grays and lots of pastels for the romantic look and feel.  Come summer, get ready for over-sized and brightly colored blooms.  Picture lush coral or hot pink peonies tied together with lots of pretty ribbons.  Also, the “just picked from the garden” look and feel hand tied bouquet and lush centerpieces will always be a favorite.  And, let’s not forget to use lots of texture by incorporating fruits, grasses, pods, berries and succulents.  I hope we’ll also see more of the monochromatic bouquets.  We can achieve this look with a lush bouquet of pretty tulips, ranunculus and garden roses.  These pretty blooms come in a variety of gorgeous colors and would be the perfect on your wedding day.  And for the DIY bride, let’s not forget all the vibrant color summer blooms at the farmer’s market.  To tie the look all together, lots of pretty ribbons and lace around the bouquet handle.                                                          -  [Janie, The Bride's Cafe]

5.  Economy & Technology  Drive  Choices

The economy will continue to play a large part in how brides and grooms approach planning and vendors. Couples are becoming increasingly selective in a world of more and more options. Online tools and apps like Pinterest propel the availability of creative ideas while social media continues to bring the bride and vendor closer advancing trust and educating both. I sense that we are seeing the trade off of super trendy, bling drenched wed-to-impress affairs for more intimate uncomplicated celebrations that are personal to their families, lives, values and pocketbook.
 [Mindy, TweetMyWedding]

4.  Birds  of  a  Feather

I predict the hot wedding trend for 2013 goes to the birds! We’ve seen bird themed weddings grow in popularity in 2012, but expect to see an increase in bird-themed everything throughout 2013, particularly in the spring.  Some examples include tossing bird seed, bird cages as card holders,  bird themed invitations, and bird’s nest favors (complete with blue Jordan almond ‘eggs’).  Look for bird necklaces, particularly ones with a minimalist look (like single feather pendants or tiny sparrows), both of which are popular and make great gifts for bridesmaids and flower girls.  We’re also seeing an increase in feather-inspired hair accessories (like veils and fascinators) to subtly tie in the theme.  Fans of Portlandia will revel in this wedding theme, as couples everywhere will find a way to “put a bird on it”.  (I couldn’t resist.)
[Emma, EmmalineBride]

3.  DIY  attire

On the do-it-yourself front, I predict couples will choose projects that are more advanced skill-wise and require bigger budget and/or time commitments than they have in recent years. Much of DIY for the last few seasons has been focused on quick and inexpensive but we’re really seeing a swing towards more challenging and sophisticated projects. On the top of the list, I think we’ll see a lot of DIY attire: handmade bridal gowns and accessories, custom ties and pocket squares for the groomsmen, revamped and upcycled clothing.  Shows like Project Runway have certainly fueled an interest in clothing construction and, therefore, sewing. Jewelry-making, especially the advanced techniques like metalsmithing, intricate beading, and metal clays, has been trending in the mainstream craft world for well over a year now and I think we’ll definitely see DIYers embrace these new trends and skill sets wedding world in 2013.
[Khris, DIY Bride]

2.   Low  Key  Soirees

2012 was the year of the detail-heavy 'blogworthy' wedding. Bunting, cupcakes, tents, tipis, mason jars, bicycles covered in flowers... it was the year of weddings with lots of 'stuff'. With so much wedding inspiration around on wedding blogs, I think that engaged couples are starting to feel a certain amount of pressure to make sure they have the right 'stuff' for their day - to make it look a certain way, or have certain things. So my prediction for 2013 would be that couples will start to rebel and we'll see a lot more low key weddings - elopements, small family gatherings, less pressure and less 'stuff'. Weddings taking inspiration from nature and the natural elements around their chosen venue will dominate rather than adding lots and lots of extra 'things'.
[Kat, Rock n Roll Bride]

1.  Food  Truck  Frenzy

In the last year or so I've seen a great increase in new and interesting gourmet Food Truck companies popping up and I think these kitchens on wheels are going to have a big presence in weddings in 2013. Not only is it cool and different but it's also convenient! Imagine a gourmet hot dog or grilled cheese truck providing your guests with good eats at your laid-back park wedding, or an ice cream truck delivering delicious homemade ice cream sandwiches as a late night snack. There are food trucks for every type of food you could imagine, you could even hire a few different ones for your guests to have their pick! It's sure to be a fun way to feed your guests that they will be talking about for years to come. - [Jessica, The Budget Savvy Bride]

Wedding Trends 2013

20 influential wedding bloggers were asked to share their thoughts on wedding trends they personally feel will emerge in 2013.  Below are ...

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Creative Teambuilding

Add great value to your conference, meeting or incentive trip by incorporating a fun and active team building event with specific focus on...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Corporate events don't always have to be stuffy and formal. Here are some events where old school and modern games were played for guests' entertainment.

While all the rooms were meticulously planned, none was as popular as the space that housed old-school carnival claw games....

While all the rooms were meticulously planned, none was as popular as the space that housed old-school carnival claw games. Rather than plush toys and candy, the machines held small items, like lipsticks and jewelry, in Chanel gift bags.
Photo: Billy Farrell/

The mezzanine of the restaurant was converted into a games room for the soirée and included a table where models...

The mezzanine of the restaurant was converted into a games room for the soirée and included a table where models clad in the pre-fall Stella McCartney collection played Scrabble.
Photo: Joe Schildhorn/

'GQ,' Lacoste, and Patrón Tequila's Super Bowl XLVI Party

GQ,' Lacoste, and Patrón Tequila's Super Bowl XLVI Party
The three brands teamed together to host an event at the Stutz on Friday night. Activities included pool at a billiards table with GQ's Super Bowl logo. A nearby foosball table displayed Lacoste's trademark alligator.
Photo: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for GQ

New features at this year's event included a Wii station with games like bowling.

New features at this year's event included a Wii station with games like bowling.
Photo: Tony Brown/ for BizBash

Young guests also played Twister on the ballroom floor.

Young guests also played Twister on the ballroom floor.
Photo: Robert Carl

Armani Exchange and T-Mobile Neon Carnival During Coachella

Armani Exchange and T-Mobile Neon Carnival During Coachella
Carnival games along one side of the huge outdoor space awarded prizes.
Photo: Seth Browarnik/

Family-friendly games included corn hole, bocce ball, ping pong, hopscotch, and a chalk-coloring area.

Family-friendly games included corn hole, bocce ball, ping pong, hopscotch, and a chalk-coloring area.

Adults and celebrities played chess with life-size pieces.

Adults and celebrities played chess with life-size pieces.

Guests could participate in several games, including bean-bag toss, ping-pong, and chess.

Guests could participate in several games, including bean-bag toss, ping-pong, and chess.
Photo: Sara Jaye Weiss

As a way to demonstrate the phone's "burst shot," a feature that takes three images a second, guests could throw...

As a way to demonstrate the phone's "burst shot," a feature that takes three images a second, guests could throw a basketball while a staffer took photos. The photos were then printed out as a take-home item.
Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Samsung

BMW also provided branded putt-putt courses for guests to practice their golf skills.

BMW also provided branded putt-putt courses for guests to practice their golf skills.
Photo: Tony Brown/ for BizBash

Games at Events

Corporate events don't always have to be stuffy and formal. Here are some events where old school and modern games were played for gues...

Hidden in the heart of Bukit Damansara is a treasure trove with the true flavours of Italy, served with a tinge of local essence – Aria Restaurant. The cosy neighbourhood restaurant offers a warm and intimate setting for delighting in good food with family or friends.

Aria Restaurant’s affordable menu includes a variety of Italian dishes as well as some local offerings. Antipasti, risotto, pasta, thin crust pizzas, grilled meat, fish and seafood, desserts and a variety of side dishes are available. Its menu highlights include Lamb Kebab with Special Mint Sauce, Antipasto De La Casa, Aglio-olio Smoke Duck Pasta, Tonnarelli Di Aria (Aria’s chef recommended Black Pasta), Grilled Grass - Fed Prime Ribs, Chocolate Volcano (Larva), and Apple Strudel with custard sauce. One of diners’ all-time favourite is Aria’s special lunch menu, which includes a salad bar buffet and complimentary iced lemon tea at just RM12.90++.

Set amidst the busy yet concealed landscape of Plaza Damansara, the casual and intimate feel of the restaurant creates the perfect ambience for any occasion. With a capacity of 40 seating downstairs and 30 seating upstairs, Aria makes a good hosting whether it’s for weekday dinner, Sunday brunch, gatherings with family and friends or small business meetings.

It also makes a perfect venue for our Murder Mystery party with a 1920s Mafia theme. Call 012-295 8025 or 03-2095 0016 to book your party!

A Murder Mystery Party at Aria Restaurant

Hidden in the heart of Bukit Damansara is a treasure trove with the true flavours of Italy, served with a tinge of local essence – Aria ...


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