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new study on the viral impact of event marketing from FreemanXP and the Event Marketing Institute shows that 50% of those surveyed indicated that they set aside a specific budget for social media. The study also found that a majority (53%) are planning on increasing spending on social media when it comes to event marketing, and the same percentage also measure their viral impact on an event level.


Another aspect of the study was in the identification of the likelihood of viral success, largely dependent on the type of social network used. Study participants reported that Facebook was the most effective pre and post-event, while Twitter was best used in real time, during the event:
most effective social channel for event marketing
In addition, when asked to list the overall most effective social media channel for event marketing, Facebook and Twitter were almost exactly equal:
social media with event marketing impact


The majority of those surveyed served either B2B or a combination of B2B/B2C marketers and were mainly in IT, medical, pharmaceutical, and financial services. This demographic is important to note when taking stock of the participants perceived effectiveness of their social media efforts when it comes to increasing viral impact and content sharing levels. The majority believed that they are at average effectiveness (36%), noting the fact that they know they could improve.
In the B2B-focused companies specifically, there is a significant need for improvement. 78% of B2B event marketers believe that attendees and visitors to their events share event content on social media; yet only 32% of those polled say they use social media to reach non-attendees during events.
Utilizing social media can help companies reach attendees and those not at the event itself, thus doubling impact.
Screenshots of study taken Feb 16, 2015
Source: KO Marketing Associates
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Study Shows 50% of Event Marketers Specifically Budget for Social Media

A  new study  on the viral impact of event marketing from FreemanXP and the Event Marketing Institute shows that 50% of those surveyed ind...

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Smart gadgets were all the buzz at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Smart drones were flying around the keynote stage, smartphone apps opened smart doors, and smart cars were driving themselves. There were also some very smart business leaders delivering exceptionally buzzworthy keynote presentations.

I’ve worked directly with CEOs from major tech companies, crafting product stories for CES announcements. While I didn’t consult with the CEOs in this article, I’ve worked with enough of them to know why these speakers do what they do. Here are five tips that you can learn from CEO keynotes to knock your next presentation out of the ballpark.

Tell a story in the first two to five minutes. Smart presenters understand the power of story to make an emotional connection to the audience. Stories inform, illuminate, and inspire. Many people think of story as something personal that happened to them. While personal stories are, indeed, very impactful, storytelling can take many forms.

For example, Ford president and CEO, Mark Fields, delivered his first CES keynote as the new head of the company. Fields began the presentation by establishing a theme: Ford is passionate about designing products to address very serious problems in major cities around the world such as population density and congestion.

“Who finds it easy to get around Las Vegas during the show?” Fields asked as the audience laughed at the obvious reference to the notorious crowds during CES week.

“It really is a challenge to get around Vegas during the show. But think about this. The Las Vegas metro area has just more than one million people. And with a population density of roughly 1,750 people per square kilometer, it puts Las Vegas at number 120 on the list of the largest cities in the world by population density. During CES, there’s an influx of another 150,000 people, most of them are concentrated right here on the strip. We put up with this for a few days. Imagine what people in Mumbai, India, face every day. More than 18 million people live in Mumbai and its population density is 17 times greater than here in Las Vegas.”

By building the comparison between something familiar—a crowded Vegas convention—with something that is unfamiliar to most of the audience—Mumbai congestion—Fields created an unforgettable story that framed the rest of the discussion.

Typical presentation slides cluttered with text would have detracted from the Fields narrative, so the first 13 slides of Fields’ presentation had no words, just photos. The photos showed the city lights of Vegas, taxi cabs, and the congestion in Mumbai.  The Ford slides didn’t tell the story. The slides complemented the story.

When you’re telling a story to set up the theme of your presentation, there’s no reason to overload the audience with words and text. Try this. Limit the number of words you use on your first 10 slides to no more than 40. It will force you to tell a story using pictures, which are nearly always more impactful than text-heavy slides (If you can build the first 10 slides with no words at all, by all means try it).

Create lists of three to five key messages. People love lists. Lists make it easier to follow a presentation, to write about it, or to tell someone else about it.  Too many items on the list, however, defeat the point. I recommend sticking to three, four, or five key messages. The overall presentation can be broken up into a list or you can use lists within the presentation.

Mark Fields had two lists. First, he outlined the “four mega-trends” driving Ford’s thinking around mobility (urbanization, global middle class, air quality, and changing consumer attitudes). Later in the presentation he unveiled Ford’s three-step blueprint for its mobile offerings.

Intel INTC +0.98% CEO Brian Krzanich kicked off his CES keynote with a list. He revealed “three forces shaping the next technology wave.” They are: 1) Computing unleashed, 2) Intelligence everywhere, 3) The wearable revolution. He also announced a $300 million investment to accomplish “three things:” grow Intel’s diverse employee base, fund initiatives to support participation of women and underrepresented minorities in technology, and to increase the pipeline of women and diverse candidates entering the tech field.

Build in wow moments everyone will be talking about. Intel’s Krzanich gave the media plenty to write about by calling out the drones, literally.  While demonstrating Intel’s RealSense 3D camera, Krzanich invited members of a German company called Ascending Technologies to join him on stage as they controlled three drones.  As the drones buzzed around him, Krzanich explained that the drones could avoid crashing into each other because of the depth-sensing camera on them, powered of course, by Intel.

Many presentations—especially product launches—lend themselves to a ‘wow moment.’ A creative and well-rehearsed demo generates a lot of talk and, if people don’t talk about your product, why bother?

Make your numbers pop. One of my favorite storytelling techniques is to make statistics jump off the slide. The president and CEO of Samsung Electronics , Boo-Keun Yoon, provided a good example of this technique in his keynote when he announced that “last year Samsung delivered more than 665 million products to the hands of consumers around the world.” Most presenters would have stopped there. The Samsung CEO took it one step further and said, “This number is set to increase to about 20 devices per second.” He stood quiet for a second and then said, “There’s another 20” as the audience laughed. Do you think the members of the audience will forget that Samsung delivers 20 devices per second? Not a chance.

Share the stage. Smart leaders share the stage. Intel’s Krzanich was joined by at least ten other speakers including Intel engineers, developers, and partners. Good presenters know that very few speakers can carry an entire hour without putting the audience to sleep. Only twelve minutes into his keynote presentations, Ford’s Mark Fields introduced Raj Nair, the company’s chief technical officer. Nair was followed by a third speaker, a fourth speaker, and yet another speaker. People get bored easily. Keep the presentation moving by introducing more than one voice.

You might never be invited to deliver an opening keynote at CES, but using these five tips in your next presentation will help you stand out from the competition.

Contributor: Carmine Gallo is the communication coach for the world’s most admired brands, a popular keynote speaker, and author of several bestselling books including The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, The Apple Experience, and his latest Talk Like TED: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets Of The World’s Top Minds (named by Amazon and SUCCESS magazine as one of the best business books of 2014).
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5 Presentation Tips From CEO Keynotes At CES

Smart gadgets were all the buzz at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Smart drones were flying around the keynote sta...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sports Authority
Exhibitor: Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. (2K Games)
Show: Electronic Entertainment Expo
Design: Freddie Georges Production Group, La Palma, CA, 714-367-9260,

Giving a nod to its sports-themed interactive games, Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. knocked one out of the park with this sports-bar-themed hospitality space. Pairing pub-style seating with baseball jerseys, pennants, and dramatic lighting, the design was a huge hit with attendees.


Urban Legend
Exhibitor: Daimler AG
Show: Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung
Design: Braunwagner GmbH, Aachen, Germany, 49-241-40-10-72-0,

Urban, upscale, and forward thinking, this space for Daimler AG perfectly portrays the attributes of its Smart cars. Dubbed the Smart Club Visionaire, the sleek hospitality area featured lounge-style furniture and an overhead element that bathed the space in warm, ever-changing hues.


Gray Matter
Exhibitor: Agfa-Gevaert N.V.
Show: Drupa
Design: Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 31-40-235-36-37,

This subtle design for Agfa-Gevaert N.V., a provider of imaging systems, was all about understatement. Neutral furniture and a similarly hued bar kept attendees' attention focused on the company's corporate-red flooring and the graphics prints, which were displayed over the bar.


Over and Above
Exhibitor: Bilfinger SE
Show: Hannover Messe
Design: Gebhardt Projekte GmbH, Neustadt, Germany, 49-6321-577-1512,

International engineering company Bilfinger SE offered attendees a room with a view at Hannover Messe. Positioned atop the second deck in a contemporary black-and-white space, the hospitality room featured sleek white furniture and an amazing view of the massive show floor below.


Throwing Shade
Exhibitor: Harmonic Inc.
Show: International Broadcasting Convention
Design: Astound Group, Oakville, ON, Canada,

Complementing a series of stripes and curves throughout the space, this hospitality area for Harmonic Inc., a provider of broadcast-industry equipment, continued the feel of auditory waves with curved and angular surfaces along with variations of dramatic lights and soothing shadows.


Pristine Scene
Exhibitor: Citrix Systems GmbH
Show: CeBit
Design: Salvador Design Innenarchitektur, Neufinsing,
Germany, 49-151-405-7777-6,

Citrix Systems GmbH opted for this pristine space to communicate its new marketing campaign: Simplicity is power. Instead of a multitude of freestanding tables, Citrix chose an elegant assortment of built-in counters – each of which was accompanied by stylish swivel stools.


Source: ExhibitorOnline

6 Space Designs to make Booth Visitors Stay Longer

Sports Authority Exhibitor: Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. (2K Games) Show: Electronic Entertainment Expo Design: Freddie Georges P...

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Check-in desks are quite often overlooked in terms of aesthetics. Here are 11 Ideas for eye-catching check-in desks gathered by BizBash.

Simple Decor

Simple Decor
At the Canadian design fair the Interior Design Show in 2013, Ikea took over the ticket counter, using a lamp as a simple, homey touch that made the space feel less clinical. The brand also decked the back wall with a leafy, wallpaper-like design and placed its bright red logo front and center.

Photo: Arash Moallemi

Storybook Theme

Storybook Theme
In 2012, the Washington Ballet's Jeté Society hosted an Alice in Wonderland-theme dance party. A large white tree decorated with red hearts inspired by the story's Red Queen served as the backdrop for the check-in desk.

Photo: Tony Brown/

Costumed Attendants

Costumed Attendants
For a Catch Me if You Can screening in New York in 2011, Stella Artois transformed the restaurant Casa Lever into a 1960s airport lounge. The hostess stand was remade as the departure gate counter, where guests could check their tickets against a seating chart.

Photo: Joshua Dalsimer


At the WWD Beauty C.E.O. Summit in 2012 at the Breakers Palm Beach in Florida, the apothecary-inspired registration desk held different-sized jars filled with colored liquids, cotton balls, and Q-tips. Pink peonies in white vases, bright-colored towels, diffusers, and WWD magazine issues also adorned the desk.

Photo: Sonja Garnitschnig

Electronic Signage

Electronic Signage
When Progressive Insurance hosted auditions in 2010, the company built a space inside the Metropolitan Pavilion designed to look like the fictional Progressive store in its commercials. As such, the check-in desk at the front was decorated in the brand's signature white with blue and orange accents, and a large sign touting the website served as the backdrop.

Photo: BizBash

3-D Logos

3-D Logos
The check-in area at Turner's 2010 upfront in New York included cut-outs in the walls and 3-D logos on pedestals. David Stark handled decor.


Bright Colors

Bright Colors
Fairchild Fashion Media's Kristen Wildman worked with XA to create the modern design of the WWD C.E.O. Summit inside the Plaza in New York in 2013. A color scheme of bright yellow against white was used throughout, including in the registration desk, giving the decor a clean, uniform look.

Photo: Billy Farrell/

Statement Decor Pieces

Statement Decor Pieces
At the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's annual ball in 2013, the theme of "Saturday Night Blues" influenced the decor at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The check-in area reflected the theme with statement decor pieces including hanging saxophones and crystal orbs.

Photo: Tony Brown/ for BizBash

Oversize Florals

Oversize Florals
At a private event by David Beahm, the check-in area was "influenced by our surroundings. We let the decor of Blue Hill at Stone Barns rule our aesthetic, letting nature dictate the design," Beahm said. "The hand-hammered copper urn visually grounded the design."

Photo: Brian Dorsey Studios


Shiraz Events designed the registration desk at the FN C.E.O. Summit in Miami Beach in 2013. The bold blue and yellow table featured a grid behind it featuring the summit logo, and it held flowers and candy jars with white treats.

Photo: Javier Sanchez

Rainbow Draping

Rainbow Draping
The check-in desk at a law firm's "Big Gay Party" in July 2014 included draping that matched the rainbow hues in the pride flag.

Photo: Camilla Pucholt Photography

11 Ideas for Eye-Catching Check-In Desks

Check-in desks are quite often overlooked in terms of aesthetics. Here are 11 Ideas for eye-catching check-in desks gathered by BizBash. ...

Monday, March 23, 2015

5 Grand Entrances that Will Make Your Event Irresistible
If someone ever told you that grand entrances are indulgences reserved only for bad reality shows on MTV and Disney cartoon princesses, they are probably just unfortunate victims of a limited imagination. As with everything in life, first impressions count. In the lives of marketers, impressions are what make the world spin, and a visually stimulating event entrance can make an unforgettable first impression. Here’s our favorite grand entrance ideas.5 Grand Entrances that Will Make Your Event Irresi
A great event entrance has the capacity to mesmerize, electrify, captivate, and/or amuse your audience. Remember, the first impact on your audience’s psyche is made by the visual power of the event entrance that awaits them, and not by the people standing there to receive them.
A grand entrance lassos their attention in from the distractions of everyday life and ties it to the here and now of your event. Yes, that’s right your event entrance could very well be your brand’s swashbuckling cowboy!
Although networking is the true purpose of all events, the value generation from it can only be done effectively if the people participating are excited enough to have eager eyes and ears.
The event entrance is where the journey of your audience begins, and its visual impact can subconsciously evoke a strong emotional response that can linger for the rest of the event and influence their decisions.
Whether it’s a gaming convention or a Christmas party, a grand entrance can begin your communication with the target audience with a bang.
If creative inspiration is what you seek to prepare your jaw-dropping grand entrance, then keep reading ahead because we have something special for you.

Easy Breezy Color Wash

If your chosen venue is an architectural gem, then let it speak for itself. All, you have to do, is accentuate its features with a simple color wash to capture their attention from the distance and draw them in.
Well-placed neon lights, flood lights, and halogen bulbs are good enough to achieve this.
5 Grand Entrances that Will Make Your Event Irresi

Imaginative Image Projection

Image projection technology allows you to give even the most mundane venues a gorgeous makeover. Flat surfaces are ideal for projecting messages, images, and company logos that turn the venue into a beautiful billboard promoting your event.
3D projection mapping is another awe-inspiring option for organizers with a fat budget and a knack for experimental communication. High-skill 3D video mapping, as seen in the Starbucks India launch below, projected custom-made graphics on the building where the store is built to communicate a powerful story.

Enchanting Floral Archways

Floral archways have remained the evergreen go-to choice of a grand entrance for event planners for centuries. Not only are they more affordable than several other fancy entrance options, but they are stimulating to more than just one sense.  Everyone loves a good whiff of fresh florals!
These esthetically pleasing natural gateways can be customized easily and are brilliant options for daytime events.
5 Grand Entrances that Will Make Your Event Irresi

Storytelling LCD Tunnels

Setting up a long entrance way provides organizers the opportunity to communicate an elaborate brand story and build anticipation to a fever pitch.
Tunnels lined with LCD screens and projectors synced to display brand messages along with an array of cool effects can capture the imagination of all who walk through it. They help give the guests a bigger perspective on the nature of the event.
5 Grand Entrances that Will Make Your Event Irresi

Engaging Interactive Games

A grand entrance can also be turned into an interactive experience that entertains the audience and makes them feel like a part of something bigger. Interactive games are great for building up excitement and camaraderie between you and your guests.
For instance, this 15-foot inflatable entrance tunnel with custom graphics can be outfitted with a removable interactive football game and a ball return. You can even offer incentives distributing branded merchandise and other freebies to high scorers.
5 Grand Entrances that Will Make Your Event Irresi

Bonus Planning Tips

Don’t Forget to Direct Your Audience

More appropriately referred to as “pre-entrance prep” by planners, it involves the use of clear, crisp-font signs in easily accessible locations to guide your audience to the grand entrance of your event, ensuring that your guests walk into the event without any confusion weighing down their attention so that they can fully absorb and appreciate the visual spectacle before them.

Personal Greeting Will Never Go Out of Fashion

As fabulous as your event entrance may be, a lack of human presence can leave something to be desired in the minds of your guests.
By deploying a few staff members to warmly greet your guests at the entrance, you can put your guests in their comfort zone, so that you can effectively capitalize on their fascination with your event entrance and make a long-lasting impression.
Source: EndlessEntertainment

5 Grand Entrance Ideas That Will Make Your Event Irresistible

If someone ever told you that grand entrances are indulgences reserved only for bad reality shows on MTV and Disney cartoon princesses, th...

Friday, March 20, 2015

Put away the hampers for now. Try these new techy-stuff instead.
<p> The Shuttr selfie remote (from $39.99), available from <a href="">Axis Promotions</a>, is compatible with most phones and tablets and...

Muku Shuttr - Selfie Remote / Camera Shutter for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, Android and Nexus ? Frustration Free Packaging - White

Product Details
Place or stick Tiles on up to 8 different items (like your keys) so you find them when they go missing.

Tile for iOS and Android - For Finding Anything and Everything - 8 Pack

<p> <a href="">Chipp’d</a> produces key chains and bracelets (from $44.99; bulk pricing is available) that include QR codes that link...
Chipp’d produces key chains and bracelets (from $44.99; bulk pricing is available) that include QR codes that link to a custom microsite. Organizers can load the sites with agendas, audio, videos, photos, and other event information. They can also continue to add new content to keep guests engaged throughout the year. The key chains and bracelets come in a variety of colors, shapes, and materials and can be engraved.

Photo: Courtesy of Chipp'd

Okra 10000Mah Auto Ignition Portable Dual Power Bank and Car Jump Starter Kit , For iPhone 6/5s/5c/4s, Galaxy S5/S4/S3/S2, HTC One & All Smarthphones And Cars

Ultimate Ears MINI BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker/Speakerphone - Orange (984-000316)

Jelly Comb Universal Backlit Multi-Color & Adjustable Brightness Ultra Light & Slim Portable Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard W Free Portable Tablet Stand for iOS, Android, Windows Tablets and Other Bluetooth Enabled Devices(Incompatible With Nook Tablets)

6 Gifts for Tech-Savvy VIP Guests

Put away the hampers for now. Try these new techy-stuff instead. Muku Shuttr - Selfie Remote / Camera Shutter for iPhone, iPad, Sam...

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Girls love dressing up, (well most of us girls, anyway!) so when an excuse for a themed party comes up- (eg  a new princess movie- Cinderella), we can't wait to raid our closets and create new accessories to complete the look.


But we're not here to talk about dressing up, are we? We're here to help you plan your next princess party (more suitable for girls aged below 10)!

Let's start with the printable invites:

These are great for those who prefer to print from home. They're FREE!


Free Cinderella Birthday Party Invitation

HERE and
Cinderella Printable Birthday Invitation Template


Otherwise, you can purchase ready-made ones online

Product Details
  Cinderella Invitations 8ct



*Cinderella table. Would be cool to do a mirror with a sillouette of each princess for each table

The dessert table is simple enough to do on your own. Frame can be purchased from IKEA along with the white trays and dessert holders.

The sequinned backdrop fabric can be purchased from your fabric store or bought

90x156" Sequin RECTANGULAR Tablecloth - Gold

Mirror can be purchased online here

White Ornate Fleur De Lis Frame Decorative Wall Mirror 23 1/2" Tall

Beautiful Centerpiece - could use different princesses and see if Val still has those vases


All you need is a square clear jar for each table or one between each guest with hydrangeas and a cut out Cinderella printed on baby blue conqueror paper or at least 120 g paper so that it stands on its own.

Silhouette cut out template can be found here

Ribbon Connections 36mm(1-1/2") Silk Satin Ribbon 3.3yds (139 Powder Blue)

Product Details
Metallic SILVER Lace Trim for Bridal, Costume or Jewelry, Crafts and Sewing, 3 Inch by 1 Yard, LP-1316

Product Details

Royal Lace Round Foil Doilies, Silver, 10-Inch, Pack of 8 (B26506)

Product Details

Cinderella Carriage Balloon - 33 inch Foil Mylar Cinderella Balloon

Product Details
Light Blue 7" Paper Plate, 8ct.

Product Details

Powder Blue 9oz Cups


Product Details

Rhode Island Novelty Tiaras with Heart Stones (12-Pack)


Cinderella’s Dreamy Pumpkin Waffles

What You’ll Need
• 1 cup all purpose flour
• 1 cup whole wheat flour
• 1 3/4 cup pumpkin purée
• 1 3/4 cup light coconut milk
• 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
• 2 eggs
• 1/3 cup brown sugar
• 1 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
• 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
• 1 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
• 1/4 teaspoon salt
• cooking spray
• 2 tablespoons pumpkin seeds

Helpful Tip
Makes 4-6 waffles

How To Make It

1 Preheat waffle iron.

2 In a large bowl, combine your flours, baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt.

3 Next, make a well in the center of your dry ingredients and add the brown sugar, vegetable oil, light coconut milk, pumpkin purée and eggs. Mix to combine being careful not to over mix.

4 Spray your preheated waffle iron with non-stick cooking spray and spread half a cup of batter onto the iron. Cook for 5-8 minutes or until golden brown.

5 Garnish your waffles with pumpkin seeds and enjoy!

6 Make extra waffles with the batter and freeze. Reheat for a quick breakfast during your busy week!


foods to incorporate that help relieve stress

Mandarin oranges make cute mini pumpkins which are sweet to eat

A cute mouse that's made from food!

Cheese and biscuits and anyone?


Cinderella Crafts and Recipes

With this stand-up paper teapot craft, party-goers can take turns pretending to pour each other a spot of tea. You can even set up a crafting station for kids to decorate their own pots during the party. Simply use the printable template to assemble a teapot base for each guest and then provide colorful scrapbook papers, sparkly faux gems, and stickers to embellish them. When teatime is over, the kids can take their pots home as party favors.

Time: 25 minutes

What You'll Need
Cardstock (solid color)
Scrapbook paper (printed with a decorative pattern)
Glue stick
Small stick-on faux jewels and/or decorative stickers
How To Make It
  • 1
    Print out the template. Cut out the pieces and use them to cut two teapot bases out of cardstock and two sets of pots and lids out of decorative scrapbook paper.
  • 2
    Fold the bottom section of the teapot bases along the lines printed on the templates. Glue one teapot base atop the other, leaving the folded sections unglued.
  • 3
    Then overlap the bottom edges and glue them together, as shown, to form a stand for the teapot.
  • 4
    Glue a paper lid and pot onto each side of the teapot.
  • 5
    Then your child can embellish it with faux gems and/or stickers.
Notes: Cutting should be done by an adult.

Looks like you're all set for an awesome party!

Cinderella Themed Party

Girls love dressing up, (well most of us girls, anyway!) so when an excuse for a themed party comes up- (eg  a new princess movie- Ci...


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