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Come to the 1920's Mafia Murder Mystery Party this 17 February 2012!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wishing you a Simply Partylicious new year!

2012 is the year of Romance. From the dress to the decor, think - dreamy, sentimental, love. Umm..yes, isn't that what weddings are all about? Well, we had bright colours and more quirkiness last year so this year, we're thinking more of a vintage sort of wedding. We're not saying "Stay Away from anything colourful!" (We absolutely love all things bright and shiny!) We're saying that the colours this year are more subdued.

The Chinese community has already booked auspicious dates considering the fact it is the Year of the Dragon. Good for wedding and for babies- so if you've not started planning or booking your venue, fret not, we at Best Events can help you out!

Invitation Cards

Storyboard wedding invitations are invitations which comes in a variety of layouts, like magazines, flyers, books, giving the details of the celebration in a cute and quirky way, interspersed with the love story of the couple. These have been popular in the US for about a year, but hadn’t really been seen in Malaysia. About time, don't you think?

Color Schemes

This year, feature shades from the same color family rather than just choosing two distinct hues.

For an au courant colour, reach for Pantone’s shade of the year, Tangerine Tango, which has burst onto the scene with bold reddish-orange flair. Try adding splashes of vibrant pinks and blues to the mix, or temper the hue with pretty pastels.


Colour is moving in and finding staying power. More brides are choosing soft blush- or rose-colored gowns, or pairing white dresses with colorful shoes and bedazzled sashes.

If you loved Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, here’s some good news: Royal-wedding-inspired gowns with lace sleeves are all over salons.

If you want your dress to have a free-flowing, romantic quality, go for a shirred chiffon skirt.

While lace sleeves have been making an appearance in bridal boutiques, strapless gowns still remain the overwhelming choice for brides, and until now most have opted for simple jewellery. Missed opportunity we think. So we think a hot wedding trend 2012 will be to go big and bold and choose a statement necklace. Aside from being ultra-stylish, it is practical too - balancing out the skirt of the dress. A princess/a-line or fishtail that is heavily detailed will draw the eye. A strong, large statement necklace will bring the focus back to the face.

First-Dance Songs

The latest first-dance songs are neither Top 40 tunes nor old classics. Couples seem to be putting a lot more thought into finding that one song that really speaks to them, as opposed to going with the old standbys. Modern, quirky tracks like “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros have made appearances on the dance floor. So have Daniel Lee Kendall’s “Lost in the Moment”—which gained traction from a recent television commercial—and the Avett Brothers’ “January Wedding.”


Have a guest list full of foodies who love creative flavors? Try a variation on the standard cupcake. Anticipate savory—not sweet—mini cupcakes becoming a popular cocktail-hour staple. Look for combinations like lobster and Manchego cheese with fresh chive crème icing!

Dessert Tables - Gone are the days of only having a wedding cake and maybe a groom's cake. Today, couples are offering up their favorite desserts at their receptions. From pies to cupcakes to cookies, it's a buffet of beautifully displayed flavors and options for guests.

Food on the Move vans are also a favourite among young couples having their wedding outdoors. Serving ice cream in cups to easy-to-bite take-aways.

Wedding Cake

For wedding cakes, try a mix of something old and something new. Go traditional on the cake’s design—think vintage piping and ornate textures—and nontraditional on the inside. Play with seasonal flavors: Fresh strawberry cake on a hot summer day has a nostalgic, Grandma’s-shortcake quality, while pumpkin cake with salted caramel frosting sets the perfect mood for fall.

We mentioned we liked all things bright and shiny earlier, check out this cake for something different!


Over the last couple of years we’ve seen budgets tighten, couples become more savvy about their spend, embrace DIY elements for their day and move in a more eco-friendly direction. Therefore it is no surprise that herbs have started to have a bit of a moment in wedding planning – a cheap and easy decorative idea – herbs like rosemary, thyme, mint and sage make lovely table decor, smell sweet and can even double as favours. We think herbs will definitely be one of the hot wedding trends of 2012.

Wedding Trends 2012

2012 is the year of Romance. From the dress to the decor, think - dreamy, sentimental, love. Umm..yes, isn't that what weddings are all ...

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Decor trends come and go and sometimes make a comeback. From glowing bars to small plates to plexiglass everything, the rental industry has seen a lot of looks over the past ten years. But these items aren’t simply decorative: they have influenced how people interact at events, too. Rental execs weigh in on the major trends, both passing and permanent.

Tabletop Trend of the Decade

“The days of matching five-piece place settings have gone. Now it is acceptable to mix patterns and shapes throughout the course of dinner. Traditional mixed with contemporary pieces is also an emerging trend, along with an introduction of color to dining plates.”
Mary Crothers, Chair-Man Mills, Toronto

Chairs of the Decade

“The Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck is a timeless icon. Introduced by Kartell in 2002, this modern reinterpretation of a classical shape continues to bring a fresh look to events in 2011 and beyond.” 

Bobby Taylor, Taylor Creative Inc., New York

“Chiavari chairs remain an event mainstay. Play with patterned or coloured chair sashes to add colour to simple overall decor.

Sofa of the Decade
“White leather never gets old, never goes out of demand. It works for every style and theme with some pillows, lighting, and accents as long as it has simple, clean lines.” 

Lindsay Cosimi, AFR Event Furnishings, Orlando

Design Trend of the Decade
“Far and away, the largest trend in design for events over the past ten years has been the lounge. While 10 years ago, sitting next to the same person for a four-hour event seemed to work, now people want to work the crowd and talk to everyone, which is why the lounge is so appealing.” 

Christine Merser, Classic Party Rentals, New York

Plate of the Decade
“Although round white china is still an industry staple, most high-end events now use square white plates for the cocktail hour and hors d’oeuvres. A six-inch square plate is perfect for the small plates trend that has swept through the catering industry.” 

Nancy Brockway, Hall’s Rentals, Chicago

Lighting of the Decade
“We have seen the advent of lighted furnishings including tables, pedestals, columns, and bars. The soft glow created by LED lighted furnishings is now an integral part of most events that take place in the evening.” 

Kevin Dana, Cort Event Furnishings, San Francisco

“Customization is one of the biggest trends. Our most popular rental items in our inventory are the ones we create in our fabrication studio, working with materials including salvaged wood, acrylics, and metals. We find that clients want totally custom rentals, not pieces you can import from China that everyone else has.”  

Michael Nedeau, PBD Events, Boston

Designs of a Decade

Decor trends come and go and sometimes make a comeback. From glowing bars to small plates to plexiglass everything, the rental industry has ...


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