Thursday, May 6, 2010

Royal flowers

Spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting florists whether it be for a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding or to show how sorry you are, you'll know for sure you've made the right choice when your florist has done work for royalty. Here's an interview with Diyah from Eeva Flower Shoppe.

How did Eeva come about and what does the name mean?
Eeva was established since 1982. The name was given by the shop's first owner, my mum's eldest sister. It's the name of my cousin who was left to my mother's care for about a year after the tragic death of her father (my mum's brother - Ramli Malek)

What makes Eeva different from the rest of the florists around?
We create different kinds of floral arrangements suitable for hotels, palaces, functions, stage decoration and landscaping.

What's the most romantic client request ever done?
One Valentine's day, there was a client who asked my mum to arrange 300 stalks of red roses into a shape of a heart to send to his wife.

Whats the favorite part about your job ?
Meeting so many kinds of people from CEO's, to Ministers, to Royalties and the regular folk. Also we've been able to go to the places that other people have no access to!

What books help you fall asleep?
Science fiction

If a newspaper were to feature you, what would the headline say?
"A small stall with a big range of flower arrangements"

If you were a biscuit, which would you be?
Cream crackers

If you weren't a florist, what would you be?
A restaurant Owner

If you could beam one message into space, what would it be?
Stop the war and save the world!

Eeva Florist
8, Gerai Bunga Pasar Besar Kuantan
25000 Kuantan

(Good news! They'll be setting up in KL soon! The 10 lucky winners from our Mother's Day contest will be receiving flowers from Eeva Florist! Ain't you lucky?)

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