Monday, February 14, 2011

Winter Wonderland & Monopoly Themed Parties

Winter Wonderland

Make your way under the frosty pillar entrance tunnel and if you peer underneath the icicles hanging down over the exit to this tunnel you will catch a glimpse of a snowy forest ahead of you.
Duck under the icicles and out into the forest ahead. A small path is visible through the trees, so follow this through, following the small pools of light shining from traditional street lamps, which lead the way through to the venue of the evening’s party.

The effect is completed with intelligent lighting flashing around the room.

Monopoly Party

This is a great theme for Monopoly lovers and those who just enjoy collecting money and buying property. We have a junior version which is ideal for those aged 5 to 10 and a senior version for 18 year old and above. We cater to both private and corporate functions.

Guests will have to earn their money through various activities and take part in property auctions.

Monopoly tokens will be placed around the room adding to the atmosphere.

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