Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Party Theme: Alice in Wonderland

As mad as the March Hare! Summer is upon you, lush greens and vibrant colours are all around from different shrubbery and plants.

Guests make their way through a grand stone trellis entrance. This leads them to the Wonderland party theme. You are in the queens well groomed garden so watch what you say and do, else you may lose your head! You are surrounded by potted trees with twinkle lights and statues beautifully lit from below.

The queens white picket fence which keeps intruders out stands proud cordoning off access to her prize green grass.

Things suddenly seem a lot bigger and you appear to have shrunk as a giant Jenga, and connect 4 are sitting waiting to be played. A ‘wonderland’ style game of croquet is also available to amuse passers by and a giant piece of cake lies waiting to be eaten.

Intelligent lighting with heart gobos sweep around the room wowing guests as they sit down to eat dinner.

This really is a curious place!

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