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15 Years of Great Wedding Ideas We Like

Nobody, whether they're 6 or 60, can ignore a table of eye-catching confections in bright pinks, peaches, and golds. The assortment of sweets includes pillow mints, Milkies, sugarbonen, jelly beans, malted-milk balls, taffy sticks, macaroons, and more. We adorned simple apothecary jars and the tablecloth with gold thread lace. The sign is propped up with Dresden-foil flowers. Provide glassine bags so your guests can take home a sampling.

Each guest's place is outlined in chalk on a roll of black paper ( tape secures the corners to the tablecloth); single-flower arrangements rest in milk bottles, latte bowls, and ceramic tumblers; votive candles illuminate paper bags trimmed down with scalloping shears.

The old standby wedding favor got a brand-new bag thanks to more than just wishful thinking. Bypassing the classic gauzy tulle pouches masquerading as tiny blue robins' eggs in delicate faux nests, shown here.

Guests will cheer you on when you zip away after the ceremony in a car covered with pom-pom garlands. These decorations are easy to make with tissue paper and twine, and they stay on the car with suction cups, which won't damage the auto's exterior.

Bride Laura Normandin fashioned her breathtakingly beautiful butterfly bouquet from silk and feather creatures secured on thin wires so that they float and flutter realistically.

No one expects you to be Martha Stewart -- really; we know you have a life outside of planning for your wedding. But taking on a project (no matter how simple or involved) is a sweet sentiment that will resonate with your guests. Ultimately, the care you put into the things you create is a reflection of the love you have for your family and friends, as well as the life you're creating with your new husband. Here is another Martha Stewart inspiration- centerpieces created from collected tins.

The key to working color's magic is knowing when -- and how -- to use it. For maximum impact, take one color and run with it for a monochromatic effect. It's a chic, pared-down way to express your style. Either showcase many different shades of the same color, drench your decor with a singular hue, or mix in bright white for a modern look. Here, vessels wrapped in silk dupioni and overflowing with tulips, carnations, and roses are scattered across a crepe-paper runner; a flurry of paper lanterns float overhead.

Here's a surefire tearjerker and chortle-inducer -- a gallery of childhood snapshots. Let the world see the braces, the bathtub moments, the eighties fashion. (Of course, no one will blame you for sandwiching in recent, more attractive pics.) A thin layer of foam board is attached to a folding screen with spray-adhesive, and mint green cloth is affixed the same way inside the border. We crisscrossed white satin ribbons across the board (gluing them along the border), placed map tacks at intersections, and tucked photos behind them. Guests searching for their table numbers will surely walk away from this display with smiles on their faces.

Source: Martha Stewart

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