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3 Dramatic New Themes for Year End Parties

Looking for a new twist for an end-of-the-year corporate gathering? Here are three new concepts to inspire you...

Theme One: Noel Noir
By Andrew Stevens and Kim Swift, We Came in Peace

“The concept is a dark twist on the classic holiday fĂȘte, using elements of mystery, drama, and Old Hollywood glamour. A speakeasy meets an underground masquerade in a cinematic pleasure palace, and the mood is set with a minimal palette of black and white. Finding a perfect venue is key; architectural details and grand spaces with an oversize fireplace are ideal. Then pools of smoky light are interspersed with gobos casting slatted-blind texture on the walls and floors. A lush tableau of exotic hors d’oeuvres spans the space, illuminated by tiers of candelabras. Reinterpretations of classic seasonal themes are woven into the space, such as a forest of suspended Christmas tree chandeliers, composed of blackened branches and adorned with ornaments. Entertainment is a smorgasbord of vices, including gambling, hand-rolled cigars, on-site tattooing, and private shows by shadow dancers. The soundtrack for the evening is provided by a live jazz band that performs holiday classics.”
Rendering: Courtesy of We Came in Peace

Cafe Cafe offers continental European charm and a top class French/Italian menu in a dim, candle-lit nook of Jalan Maharajalela, Kuala Lumpur. This place offers quality French dishes without unnecessary fanfare.

Nothing sets the mood better than an authentic live orchestra and crooning front singer.

Theme Two: The Snowball Lounge

By Jaime Geffen & Brian WorleyYour Bash!

“The concept starts with a customized invite to the lounge. Upon entry, snow machines will have people making snowmen as an interactive activity. Inside, white fur-lined linens and fur-capped Chiavari chairs are set against antler candlesticks, votive holders, and fireplaces. Oversize silver frames with wood paneling, alternating with white sheer drapes and a variety of contemporary furniture, provide the groundwork for winter-inspired accessories like large lacquer deer and fur-and-antler-inspired pillows. The menu is cozy and festive, with items such as mixed berry and gingerbread trifles, roasted chestnut truffles, and specialty cocktails.”

Theme Three: The Holiday Aquatic

By Britt Whitfield, Revel Global Events

“This distinctly visceral experience for holiday revelers challenges their ideas of a classic holiday party. The theme is nautical and fantastical and elegant without losing the warmth and nostalgia of the season. It surprises the guest’s palate and eye—traditional elements are alluded to, but made both contemporary and graceful. Suspended from the ceiling, an oversize octopus mobile with gold sequins will wrap her tentacles around the room to serve as a visual anchor for the space. Subtle hints of red and green are woven throughout this whimsical underwater world to retain the whisper of the season. People leave our aquatic Eden swimming with ideas about how they can update their own holiday traditions.”
Rendering: Courtesy of the Revel Group

Bubbles further intensify the underwater fantasy world.

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