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Cherishing and Celebrating Mothers

Mom knows best. So how are you going to come up with a fitting gift to surprise her this Mother’s Day ? What do you give the mom who has it all or just happy with everything's that she's got?

Look no further than this Mother’s Day quiz. We’ll help you figure out what your mom would love and even offer suggestions for handmade Mother’s Day crafts mommy dearest is sure to adore.

1. Your mom's idea of a relaxing afternoon is…

a) tending to her herb garden.
b) a bubble bath with a glass of wine.
c) settling down with her favorite magazine while the kids watch a movie.
d) whipping up a batch of cookies.

2. When she's preparing for a dinner party and is in need for a floral arrangement, your mom…
a) pulls a handful of flowers from a nearby field.
b) orders a stunning arrangement from a pricey floral shop.
c) snips a few flowers from her meticulous garden while picking the vegetables for
the salad she is making.
d) picks up a bouquet at the supermarket while getting groceries.

3. How long does your mom spend on hair and makeup in the morning?

a) Hardly any time at all since she doesn't wear makeup.
b) You can guess that she needs at least half an hour…she's not ready for the day without a little primping.
c) She takes about ten minutes--which is about how long it takes the kids to brush their teeth and comb their hair.
d) She spends only two to three minutes because she can't wait to eat breakfast.

4. If your mom could go on vacation anywhere, where would she go?

a) The Grand Canyon
b) Italy
c) Walt Disney World
d) Paris

5. Which movie would your mom prefer to watch?

a) March of the Penguins
b) Breakfast at Tiffany's
c) Parenthood
d) Chocolat

6. Which phrase could you catch your mom saying?

a) “I'll add that to my to do list"
b) “I just need a few minutes to myself.”
c) “It's a beautiful day. Let's all go outside to play.”
d) “Everything on the menu looks delicious!”

7. Mom keeps busy on the weekends by…

a) going on hikes through nature preserves.
b) getting a manicure and pedicure.
c) going to her kids soccer games and dance recitals.
d) cooking up a big feast for a family get-together.

8. The chore your mom always makes you do is…

a) unloading the dishwasher.
b) making your bed.
c) rubbing her feet.
d) watering the plants

9. What is one thing you can always find in your mom's purse?

a) An eco-friendly reusable bag for purchases
b) Designer sunglasses
c) Her day planner
d) Bubble gum

10. What is your mom's favorite kind of ice cream?

a) Rainbow Sherbet
b) Pralines 'n Cream
c) Moose Tracks
d) There is no way she can pick just one!

Mostly A's
Natural Knickknacks

Your mom is wild about nature and has an eco-friendly spirit. So let the great outdoors inspire her Mother’s Day gift. Give her a pair of hiking shoes or a new perennial to plant in her garden. You could even plan a weekend lakeside or hiking trip. If she's daring Best Events can arrange for her to go water sphering!

There are also boatloads of gifts of the homemade variety that your nature-loving mom would adore: Try making a bouquet of photo flowers, a a hand-painted vase or recycled flower pot.

Best Events can also arrange for a one-off art class.
Mostly B's

The Finer Things in Life

Your mom loves to be pampered, especially on Mother’s Day. A gift certificate to her favorite spa or a personal fashion showcase at home would be perfect gifts. And she’d surely love a trendy new handbag or killer shoes. Best Events can arrange this for you!

If you’d rather make her something yourself, try some homemade soap, a cute bath salts container, a no-sew make up bag or a jeweled candle holder.

For moms who enjoy dancing, we can arrange for a one-off salsa class for just her and the family.

Mostly C's

Practical Present

Your mom is a neat, organized, practical person so only a down-to-earth gift will do. She loves thoughtful gifts that she can use everyday, like a family planner or a picture frame for one of the many photos around the house.

If you’re thinking about a gift certificate, try one from her favorite housewares boutique or garden center. Or you could even make her a personalized memo pad she can use for making all her to do lists or a utensil holder to help corral all her kitchen utensils.

Why not give her a break from cooking and hire a personal chef from Best Events to cook a family lunch?

Mostly D's

Decadent Delight

There’s no doubt about it. The way to your mom’s heart is through her stomach! A big box of chocolates (she doesn’t have to share) is a great gift idea for your momma.
Best Events can even arrange for a Chocolate tasting workshop just for her and family members!

If she also likes to cook, you could get her a high quality cast iron pan or set of exotic spices. And she’d be delighted with a handmade recipe card box to store all your family’s favorite recipes.

No matter the gift, be sure to let mom sit back and relax.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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