Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Murder Mystery Party

I came to know about this concept during my visit to the UK a few years back. I decided to incorporate it into one of our party themes mid-last year as no other party planner specializes in it in Malaysia.

Our first event was held at Michelangelo's Restaurant & Bar, Mont Kiara where the public were sold tickets to attend. 50% of the proceeds went to Salaam Wanita. We hired talents to act out certain roles and put up a short show for the guests who had to figure out who among the talents was the murderer.

Clue cards were distributed and because there were so many clues, the game lasted about 2 hours after buffet dinner was served. As it was a thinking game, most of the guests were not prepared to spend time poring over the clues so we decided to take another approach for our future Murder Mystery Parties.

(Most Malaysian restaurants are not ready to host this sort of party unlike the UK so we only do this sort of parties upon request such as during birthday parties and anniversary dinners.)

A more interactive approach was to get the guests involved in the "murder". The host would allocate characters to his/her guests a few weeks before the party without knowing which character is really the murderer. As the party draws closer and the guests get excited, we give them a more detailed background of their character and this is when they might know if they are indeed the murderer. Exciting ain't it?

As we have many Murder Mystery themes to choose from the guests are encouraged to dress to the theme according to what sort of character he's supposed to play. Some might come as a loony scientist, some as political figures, some as call girls and entertainers.
As the guests arrive at the party, they are given instruction sheets so they need not memorize any lines. (Some guests play their roles so well that other guests have to ask them whether they're in their character or not!). The instruction sheets then tell them who to approach in the party and how to react to certain statements.

Throughout the night, they have to figure out who the murderer is (by snooping around and interrogating other guests) while hiding their own secrets (through bribing, of course! Scandalous!). The detective then reveals all at the end of the night.

One important note is to JUST RELAX! Things will happen naturally (if all the allocated main characters are there at the party, of course! A missing character spoils the whole scheme of things and that's why RSVPs are very crucial)

So if you're into this sort of party, come book us 2 months in advance. It's ideal for guests above 18 (we don't want to teach the young ones naughty things, do we?) and for groups of 20-50.

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