Thursday, October 28, 2010

Calling all Diners for an Open House Dining experience

You've seen all those TV programmes featuring guests going to eat at strangers homes and wonder what it's like. Well, wonder no more! We're now introducing this sort of "match-making" service for you adventurous gourmet food junkies out there! (you get to eat in comfort as there won't be any cameras sneaking up on you!)

Here's how:

You pick the menu or menus you like, pay your money to us, and we'll give you the details to head to a host’s house to enjoy a fantastic meal, with a bunch of new friends.

Simply browse the menus on the Open House Dining Menus post (which we hope we'll be getting soon from budding chefs!), pick the one you want, making sure the date suits you too. When you’ve decided which menu gives you hunger pangs, send us an email with your contact details on our website's contact page ( We will contact you, you send us the ticket fee, and we'll give you the details!

Wine is not included, and as diners you are requested to ‘bring a bottle’ as with most dinner parties (for those who don't consume alcohol, bring along sparkling grape juice if you like)

You will enjoy a three course meal supplied by the chef, cooked with loving care and attention (we hope!). We believe RM40 is a pretty good rate for that.

Please also state in your mail if you have allergies, or if you have specific dietary requirements. We can’t promise that everyone’s needs are covered as this is a public event, but we’ll do our utmost to try and encourage the options to be as varied and inclusive as possible.

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  1. wow, this is like "come dine with me" from UK

  2. yes it is! Would you like to cook for some new guests? :) Drop us a line at



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