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New Group Activities and Entertainment Ideas

Keep groups at meetings, conferences, and events entertained with these new ideas for teambuilding activities and group entertainment.


Pole fitness and aerial dance are as an art form and alternative fitness. This exciting  act will feature pole dancers, aerialists, burlesque dancers, hula hoop dancers, contortionists and more!


Teambuilding activities include 90-minute lessons led by professional graffiti artists and construction of a collaborative mural.

Graffiti Teambuilding Classes in Philadelphia

Photo: Courtesy of Graff Tours



This is the year of Jazz! With all the buzz of Chicago the musical touring Australia… we will complete your event with our stunning production of the Broadway spectacular made just for you.

This is an authentically styled and choreographed showcase, which brings together the story, costumes and music from the silver screen and stage to life! Excessive Productions has brought together the finest talent from Sydney and Melbourne, which combined, make a resume that include talent holding leading roles in Wicked, Boy from Oz and Dusty Springfield, mixing in dancers from So You Think You Can Dance, Aria Awards and national and international video clips. This is just a taste of the quality of what this show provides.

This brilliant showcase is sure to “Razzle Dazzle” your audience and is a production which may be catered to any event, festival or function and will grantee to boost your event profile and gala dinner.

The Kylie Tribute Show

 Australia’s newest Kylie tribute show – “The Impossible Princess Show” is leaving audiences wanting more and more!  Already headlining national and international corporate events, this glamorous high-energy tribute to Down Under’s favorite female export Kylie Minogue is the hottest production of 2009!

Simone Kay “WOW”s audiences with her effortless portrayal of the pop princess. With a truly show -stopping performance bringing to life  all your favorite Kylie chart-topping tunes such as: “On A Night Like This”, “Spinning Around” and  “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” …in fact, every hit  from the “Impossible Princess” Album to “X”.
This is a Kylie Extravaganza!  Stunningly costumed with sparkling sequins and fabulous feathers authentically styled to perfection!  Add to this the A-list of Australian dancers, choreographed by Rachel Yao
(Kylie’s lead female dancer of the “Body Language” ,”Showgirl and  “Homecoming” Tours) and you have a performance not be missed.

The Impossible Princess Show is the entertainment package that will complete any event and have your audience dancing the night away……………

THE Lady GAGA Show 

The Show
The ‘Warhol’ of today’s generation – Lady GaGa has taken planet earth by storm! Two parts dance-pop, one part electro-pop, and one part rock with a splash of disco and burlesque, GaGa pours all this into the figurative martini glasses of the world and now you too can have your glass filled with The Lady GaGa Experience.

Australia’s very first Lady GaGa tribute show taking international events into the next millennium.  This spectacular, must see show encapsulates the exact look, feel and sound of Lady GaGa’s very own stage shows. Be astonished by the outrageous costume replications, amazed by the cast of Australia’s best commercial dancers and astounded by our very own look-a-like and sound-a-like, Lady GaGa!

Sand Art

An exciting new way to entertain your guests has come to Malaysia: Sand Art – The Evolving Canvas. Your guests will be amazed as they experience the skilful and breathtaking creativity of art on a canvas, projected onto a large screen, the scenes continually transforming before their eyes.

The visual artist uses the medium of sand to create shapes and landscapes upon a canvas, continually changing the scene he sets. With the sweep of a hand, or the addition of more sand, a new scene is created.  Set to music, from Beethoven to Vivaldi, Hendrix to Miles Davis, as the music swells and the mood evolves, guests will be taken on a visual journey.

Speed Painter 

This brilliant new act is both amazing and thoroughly entertains!

Our extremely talent artist  will capture audiences with his painting creation that are wiped up in a matter of minutes! See how he creates beautiful works of art and try to guess what it will be before he puts the pieces together and reveal the finished product!

From animals, logos and landscapes… each show may styled and designed to client needs and may include their company catch phrases or logos.

This is a great new act that is taking Australia and international events by storm! Come and see the talent of Melbourne’s speed painter!


Recognized as the official Professional Michael Jackson Tribute Artiste Asia, he has performed at various entertainment events in Malaysia & overseas. He has performed in Tokyo, Brunei, Bangkok, Jakarta, Vietnam & even several television program interviews. He has over 20 years of stage performance experience in showbiz entertainment and events.

Recently, he met with Travis Payne personally who is Michael Jackson's Personal Choreographer & Associate Director film of the recent blockbuster movie "THIS IS IT". His Tribute Team's performance have impressed & earned the respect from Travis Payne himself when they were in Hong Kong.

Additionally, he also received huge support & earned the respect of many Michael Jackson fans from around England, U.S.A, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe & other countries around the world via his Fan Club in Facebook. He & his tribute team represents Malaysia in reliving the magic that is Michael Jackson.


This artist grew up on Reunion Island, a small French paradise off the east coast of Madagascar in the Indian ocean. He discovered the juggling world as a teenager, with an avid interest in the 'Diabolo', more famously known as the 'Chinese Yo-Yo'.

At the age of 20, after many years of practice, he travelled to England, the first stop on his adventure away from home. There, he met his friend Oz, who introduced him to 'Contact Juggling', a discipline involving a clear crystal ball that seemed to magically revolve and hover at his will.

After a few burns, being able to control this natural element amplified his passion and gave him the confidence to start showing his skills in public.

In 2008, he arrived in Paris, a city full of jugglers and artists who would soon become his friends and inspirations.

It was with one of them, Fred, that he put together a Diabolo and Contact Juggling act, full of hilarity, which they performed for more than 2 years on the streets of the French capital city.

Sharing his art and connecting with people has continuously motivated him through the years, and in 2010, he receives an unexpected call from Hong Kong Disneyland, in China, to perform as a full time artiste alongside his juggling companions Nico Pires and Luis Reis.

Strengthened from all his experiences and now based in Singapore, he presents his shows worldwide and continues to share his love for juggling to all types of audiences!

A visually poetic spectacle that integrates emotion, humour and a dexterity unimaginable. Let yourself be transported into a realm where magic and poetry combine to create an imperishable visual souvenir.

David’s act is different from your conventional MAGIC show . David does not use
childish like props , does not perform miniature card tricks , does not intimidate or irritate and definitely does not pull rabbits out for interludes . David’s act is fresh , elegant , unique , mystifying and is bound to entertain . David’s clientele mainly comprises of royalties ,political figures , celebrities ( local & international ) , and important corporate figures .

Imagine having your intimate thoughts read , picture seeing metal melt before your very eyes , imagine being amazed and carried away to another dimension with no explanation whatsoever . David’s performance is GUARANTEED to AMAZE and MYSTIFY your audience in the most ELEGANT way possible .


This type of performance will be done on a stage setting. The performer will perform Mentalism on stage and this will involve a lot of audience participation and not stagnated to ONLY the performer performing( like normal conventional magic shows) . He will demonstrate effects not thought possible by audience members, by utilizing body language , psychological subtleties , and hypnotic persuasion to divine their thoughts.

This will be a whole different “MAGIC SHOW” experience altogether. It’ll be fresh, new and definitely entertaining.

Briefly, these are themed parties. Each of the guests (and the host too) takes on a role for the evening - and one of the guests has committed the murder. 

During the course of the party, everyone tries to find out who the murderer is. (The murderer, meanwhile, tries to avoid detection!)The games often include other plots, and everyone becomes involved in an evening of scheming, plotting and blackmailing each other.

These games are suitable for small corporate dinners, birthdays and hen nights as it involves the active interaction of the guests.
These parties are great ice breakers and compliment any event programme you have in mind.

Games are catered for 20-35 pax and typically last up to two and a half hours.

Murder Mystery Parties need to be booked one month in advance as there is a lot of preparation involved. Murders usually do!



Technology-driven teambuilding events, include a smartphone scavenger hunt through the streets of Kuala Lumpur or any state in Malaysia. Groups from 20 to 200 follow custom routes that can include location-based puzzles or company-specific trivia.

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We provide airbrush face painting and tattoos, living art statues, and body painting corporate and social events. As roving entertainment, the artist can body paint models or waitstaff with custom stencils, and jewelry embellishments.

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